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  • RooByrne24 5 months ago

    If you get triggered by COZMIC BRAINZ of all characters you clearly suck at this game.

  • DCT0473 5 months ago

    Wolfy: Plays Cosmic Brainz.
    Me: (Confused screaming)

  • Shunyata 5 months ago

    I really wanted him to message you

  • Neon Leon 5 months ago

    Is it weird the first character I mastered was cosmoc

  • Barack Obama 5 months ago

    Why is your eyes so red?

  • Drinking x Tea 5 months ago

    The mocha edit

  • A. Attasyr 5 months ago

    Cozmic Brains's close-range beam damage is actually still pretty impressive. If they scaled back the overheat nerf a bit, I think he'd be a decent character.

  • The patient guy 5 months ago

    Wolfy: LEt'S plAy CoZMic BraINz

  • Logan Gohn 5 months ago

    Do it I dare you

  • Kaden Billiot 5 months ago

    Cosmic brains basically goes to a instant S tier character when it’s a community challenge that requires revives lol

  • D34D ly DuD 5 months ago

    Since when was cosmic brains “bad”?

  • Chris McDaniels 5 months ago

    Why you playing cosmic

  • Doltishrat 41285 5 months ago

    I have a friend on PS4 that teabags me every time he kills me in gw1

  • Brender Flores 5 months ago

    Garden Warfare 2 bosses ranking get it done now

  • RockyMountainUSA 5 months ago

    Worst character in the game

  • Rafael Gamers 5 months ago

    I mean, doesn't atleast some of us do that? I mean I get butthurt, ALOT! And yeah I don't care, I switch teams and annoy people, I don't care if I'm getting any hate but yeah.

  • Joseph's Games 5 months ago

    That emoted

  • Cyber Kinetic 5 months ago

    I am future cactus main which is just targeting turned into a character. Sure I can focus other people but that Z7 looking might fine over there