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  • BillyBob Bobbins 8 months ago

    Speaks volumes that this fraudster relies on testimonials from family members and close friends to sell this crap.

  • b vials 8 months ago


  • nickatnights 8 months ago

    Juice Plus tells people that they own a business. Business owners can sell their businesses. These pyramid schemes cannot be sold. They are not a business.

  • nickatnights 8 months ago

    I tried selling Juice Plus but I made more money from hocking my box.

  • adowa selassie 8 months ago

    Hastag #NO NEG

  • Dalenda G- My liFe 8 months ago

    Hey ya'll
    YES I was skeptical, yes I gave it a try with the shakes and YES I felt and still feel fantastic from them. Shortly after trying the shakes I became a rep…If you would like to order or become a JP Rep I will do my best to help you! , D

  • JMUDoc 8 months ago

    She's more than likely the only one in that room who's made any money out of Juice Plus.

  • Fair play to people making money off Juice Plus but Its a bit of shame because it's such an average product and tests prove this. It makes me cringe to listen to people put it on a pedestal when they're just thinking of money. People will continue spending a fortune for a product that won't truly benefit them any more than a similar cheaper product that the salesman/woman can't make any money off. Now I'm going to drink juice plus to recover my fingers after this long essay lolz

  • cuove 8 months ago

    "Tell Mary to invite 5 friends…" Pyramid scheme. Obviously.

  • JimaaaH 8 months ago

    A weird Cult.

  • zanatheweirdo 8 months ago

    I watch this every fortnight for inspiration 🙂

  • Cindy Church 8 months ago

    what is a reg plate?