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  • Margaret Todd 9 months ago

    We are not buying this bull

  • Yvette Harriott 9 months ago

    All them old woman on here is pissing their diapers. The media is b.s and liars when they talking about white Kate but every shit and extra is true a bout black Meghan. You old white people are racist from birth and it is some ingrained shit. The more you hate the more this couple shine. Y'all just upset that Kate sits around like a lump on a log with no real cause while the black girl just spew intelligence. You cannot take from black people what we represent but can see the weak and coward in all of you.

  • Shelley Grabow 9 months ago

    Fake news.

  • Sally Campbell 9 months ago


  • Glynis Beaumont-Terry 9 months ago

    This is absolute rubbish!!!

  • Sue Densem 9 months ago

    This channel has already lied on a previous video saying that Kate ignored Charlotte at the football yesterday when there are videos showing Kate talking to Charlotte and explaining the game

  • Djunicorn Abels 9 months ago

    Think we know who’s spinning this one…. hum…..

  • steven makimot 9 months ago

    Don't these reporters have anything better to do than to reports lies and Fabrications! So sad when your job consists of spreading lies! Real sad!

  • Carolyn Grace 9 months ago


  • Sally Terry 9 months ago


  • Karamoko Divaka 9 months ago

    Fake news !

  • MaryAnn Cady 9 months ago

    More misleading lies in title. This is the last time I watch this site.

  • Irene Mesecke 9 months ago

    Do you think that we are drongos.

  • Wayan Kartini 9 months ago

    Bullshit !

  • Laurie-Anne Pansegrouw 9 months ago

    caustic trash from caustic mm who wants to be but will never be

  • June Hayden 9 months ago

    Bull shite !

  • Donna Fisher 9 months ago


  • Marie McGrath 9 months ago

    More "bullshit"'.