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Check out this Awesome Video of a recent Justin Bieber performance in Melbourne Australia. IMAGINE if you or child could be on the way to being the next big thing on the Planet !! As with everything in life, you need the right tools to succeed!!! I have an Awesome story to tell that will set you on the right track to be the person you knew you could always be!! Check it out here : Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Where are you now Justin Bieber Baby Live my life Justin Bieber Lyrics Inspirational video Inspirational Songs Motivation Inspire Dream Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJustin Bieber – Full Performance – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof.Justin Bieber – All That Matters – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Justin Bieber – Boyfriend – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Paul McCartney – Live On The Rooftop – New York City 2009 (Full Concert) (HD)

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  • Merkwurdige Liebe 1 year ago

    Don't care what anyone thinks – this dude is a great talent.

  • Wathana Thai 1 year ago

    I'm at the 22222 views lol

  • black beauty 1 year ago

    he is my husband, isn't he incredible?

  • Shida Brida 1 year ago

    This guy so perfect

  • Joey Cruz 1 year ago

    he's hair soo cool

  • Jessy Zings 1 year ago

    Most boring live concert in the world…when I saw this I fl sleepy.

  • Janelle Hamill 1 year ago

    This is when we had respect for him now Australia treats him like a monkey in a zoo taking pics of him eating walking and talking band the selfies

  • Frederik Philipsen 1 year ago

    Damn that boy can zing

  • Thuan Nguyen 1 year ago

    That was awesome!

  • CM Simmons 1 year ago

    So nice listening without the screaming!!!!!

  • CM Simmons 1 year ago

    Such a sexy song!!!!

  • Jenny Mendoza 1 year ago

    I really love your all song jb.

  • BiebersPsycho_ 1 year ago

    I'm sitting here supposed to get ready but nah I'm watching this because I love Justin

  • Wiktoria Owczarek 1 year ago


  • Lien PN 1 year ago

    3:45 No not for you bitch

  • David Anthony 1 year ago

    Justin bieber shouldn't be known for his fame rather the only human that doesn't lack from anything in life