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It is summer at the farmhouse, which means its time for our summer vegetable garden!  We’ve tilled, planted, fertilized and weeded all April and May, so now join me for our June garden tour. I just made a brand new page on this blog all about what essential oils we use on a regular basis and how to get them. You can check that out here: This post may contain affiliate links. Get Peppermint Essential Oil- Get Oregano Essential Oil- Back in March, I shared how we were preparing for our summer vegetable garden. I talked about how we were starting seeds in the greenhouse and getting greens in the ground. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the first gardening year that I go spilling my life on the world wide web, we have a suuuper long cold winter. It snowed in April, my friends. I posted a (not so happy) photo on Instagram all about it. I mean, I wasn’t happy about the snow, but people on IG sure seemed to like the photo. Thanks for your sympathy, guys! I think we had fewer sunny days in March and April than any years in the last decade. Don’t quote me on this, because its not an official stat, but it definitely seems accurate! Anyway, needless to say, the gardening stuff didn’t go exactly as planned. The seeds we started in the greenhouse basically froze to death. The idea is that the bright sun makes the internal temp much warmer than the temp outside. Yeeeah about that. We basically came to the end of April with nothing to show for our previous efforts, barring the horse manure that we tilled in. I’m sure we’re still reaping the benefits of that. We had a pretty perfect May, so here […]

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  • Jo-Ann den Dekker 10 months ago

    Lisa plant your herbs in containers also your greens and or tomato and pepper plants. We moved to town and I didn't have the time to dig up a garden so my husband bought me large pots. I planted 3 tomato plants, one in each pot than surrounded it with different greens. A couple pepper plants also each in there own pot with greens around it. I placed tomato cages around the tomato plants. The harvest was abundant and we ate fresh various lettuce and greens all summer. Here in Ontario. Container gardens or raised gardens are quite popular. You get more produce using less space. Giving this a try would free up more garden space. There are many ladies that grow their herbs in pots also. I love fresh basil and eat it with mozzarella and fresh tiny Tim tomatoes. Great tips! I've enjoyed your many videos. From Mom of4, Grandma of 2.

  • Davee Kilian 10 months ago

    I have a row of zenias in my garden too! They add so much color. For the peppermint oil, did you dilute it with some water and spray it on the leaves? Also what would you use for squash bugs? I love your garden and that you have it in town. I live in town and have two gardens and an aquaponics system. TFS!!

  • Naturally Brittany 10 months ago

    Yay! I love seeing what other families are planting! 🙂

  • Norma Ortega 10 months ago

    Yes! Please show and explain how and when to harvest. Thanks!

  • Loren Studivant 10 months ago

    Thank you for sharing!

  • How do you keep the rabbits out of your garden. They tend to eat or nip off anything I plant. ~Dana

  • Dani Hollingsworth 10 months ago

    Do the chickens help with the bugs at all?

  • AnnaSophia Balbuena 10 months ago

    I watched the video but didn’t really see the garden… just plants. Interesting lol

  • dcat0603 10 months ago

    Very nice garden! The pumpkins will be great this fall! Holly

  • Allison C 10 months ago

    Thank you for the tour – love your garden. I love your channel – I have noticed you wear the same thing in so many videos – I LOVE this! Wondering if you do this on purpose or if you just don't have many clothes. It seems that you have a "capsule wardrobe" and all your things are a certain color palate and go together. A simple wardrobe does go along with a simple life. I love this linen tank top you are wearing here.

  • Gerteke Almekinders-de Jong 10 months ago

    I love this video! It's so calming and makes me feel like I have a garden 😀

  • Steva Elswick 10 months ago

    Love the garden…I think it's great you live in town and still live a simple lifestyle. Love it.

  • jlouise eisentraut 10 months ago

    I just heard that cucumbers like to climb. Have you ever planted them near a fence ?

  • Martha Neudorf 10 months ago

    I live in a zone 2-3 for gardening so our season is short and intense. My favorite thing to grow is carrots. I leave them in the garden till we have a heavy frost then dig them out to store for the winter. The frost intensifies the sweetness. There is no store bought carrot that compares. It tastes better than candy.

  • Jenna McVicar 10 months ago

    I found using the no dig method rather than making a garden by tilling the soil creates a healthier garden as it leaves all the natural bacteria and nutrients in the soil rather than killing then through tilling. Creating or growing your seedling in compost creates a healthier plant, provides pest resistance and minimizes weeds!! its a win win. Ive been composting in my side yard in bins and love it!

  • Lisa Hancock Guthrie 10 months ago

    You look tired. Heaven knows you should be! Nice garden.

  • Becky Karson 10 months ago

    Hi Lisa! I recently discovered Back to Eden gardening. Wood chips are eesential to this method. Great soil, no watering, weeds are kept under control. I'd highly encourage you to check out videos on this organic method with Paul Gautschi.

  • Amy Higginbotham 10 months ago

    We've had a ton of rain here in NC. Just enjoyed my first cucumber right off of the vine. YUM!! The squirrels keep digging up the corn seeds this year. Even though we only plant a couple of rows, we have no corn this year. Any advice from your readers?