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Garden writer Susan Mulvihill shares tips for success in growing (and harvesting) vegetable crops during the month of July. This includes lettuce, peas, fava beans, trombone zucchini, potatoes, pole beans, corn, melons and winter squash. From Susan’s in the Garden, Related PostsJuly 4th GARDEN HARVEST tips for BIG YIELDS vegetable gardening in containers and raised bed prepperCalifornia Gardening May 2020 Garden Tour – Vegetable and Fruit Trees Gardening Tips!10 Vegetable Garden Hacks to GROW Your Productivity in 2020! (Lesser-known Tips)10 Vegetable Garden Hacks to GROW Your Productivity in 2020! (Lesser-known Tips)Grow a Vegetable Garden at Home JULY 26th container gardening how to start plant tomato seedsEveryone Can Grow a Garden (2018) #19 Vegetable Garden Tour – July

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  • Annette Vander Klippe 1 week ago

    Hi Susan! Thanks for your videos – so helpful! We like fava beans too, but my husband was horrified at the waste when he saw me squeezing them out of their outer skins after blanching. So I decided to try skipping that and now we just eat the whole bean. I did find one recipe that called for using the whole pod too – they sliced them thinly without opening and just cooked that. I think they need to be a little immature for that to work.

  • Jess Stuart 1 week ago

    I've bought several packs of bacon, and have been drooling over those orange-tinged green tomatoes (not quite ripe yet).

  • Debbie F 1 week ago

    Really great tips!! Thank you so much.

  • Stacy Destito 1 week ago

    Great video, Susan. I learn something every time I watch one. Thank you!

  • The Farm Dream 1 week ago

    Will be looking out for more content like this. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ole Meyer 1 week ago

    Hi Susan, if you like the 'Trombetta d'Albenga' you have to try the zucchini 'Romanesco', the taste is so delicious. And please try the fava beans as a salat, cook them and mix it with tomatoes, onions, salt, pepper, olive oil and a bit of lemon juice.
    Love your garden. Blessings from Germany.

  • Carina Zavala 1 week ago

    Hi Susan I need some advice I live in north Spokane. And my question is earlier this spring I build a raised bed that got alot of sun throughout the day. The bed currently doesn't have anything planted in it. However as the sun progresses that same raised bed now only gets about 5 hours of full sun a day. What do you recommend I grow in this bed. I would move it but I don't have alot of land so that's not an option.

  • Daniel 4774 1 week ago

    Trying for the first time growing watermelon here in Denver. Will consider your tips. Peace.

  • She's Gone Country Farms 1 week ago

    I didnt know about the trick with the melons. I'll need to do that! Thank you for sharing

  • Natural Notts 1 week ago

    BRILLIANT TIPS! Thank you.

  • EBA VLOG 1 week ago

    Beautiful surroundings thanks for sharing Entertaining views here

  • Linda 1 week ago

    Love your video's and love the tip on the melons….. I never knew that, but it makes perfect sense.

  • Norma Gomez 1 week ago

    I'm new to gardening, learning so much from you, many thanks 🙂

  • Karen Latham 1 week ago

    Very useful thank you! I had no idea about the melon thing. I've got some cantaloupes that are taken forever to ripen and that's probably why.