Please join me for a harvest from our zone 5 garden in late July!

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Harvest Highlights:
0:17 blueberries
1:22 gooseberries
1:31 garlic
2:10 potatoes
3:09 eggplant
3:21 peppers
3:40 zucchini
4:02 tomatoes
4:23 carrots
5:13 complete harvest

Oscar the Cat Cameo:

OYR is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost and mulch. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.
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July Vegetable Garden Harvest: Local Food at Its Best! (2019)

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  • Steph Krunic

    Wonderful to have a harvest tour of a garden we love to see through the seasons. Thank you for sharing it.
    It's mid winter for us and this counts as a cold one! In 19 years in this region, this is the first time there has been frost damage in our garden. 1 frost in nearly 2 decades probably sounds like summer for you hardy zone 5 folks but it's a surprise! I'm wearing longjohns under jeans, scarf, beanie, doubling up jackets…. feels like I'm building my own personal hoop house every time I get dressed. Double cover with jacket and vest for outside- and a trip to the toilet is like playing pass the parcel unwrapping half a dozen layers!!!
    I'm sure it will be back to mid 40s/110 and tomatoes cooking on the vine before we know it and I'll wonder why I even have thermal underwear, but for now, the novelty is fun and the brassicas are happy!

  • arasmpc

    Thank you so much for the latest videos!

    I'm a new Gardener (zone 5) and felt really discouraged when I had so much trouble with my plants earlier this year.

    Many of my seedlings that I had grown inside and taken the time to harden off died. All of my pepper plants and tomato plants died. I had to replant from seed directly and bought some tomato plants.

    I'm sure some of that was beginner mistakes.

    Until about a week ago I had only one green tomato in my entire garden and had only been able to harvest peas, and greens.

    I'm so grateful that you posted about the slow season!

    Now my plants have been going crazy. I've got lots of tiny green tomatoes growing rapidly and my yellow squash is hard to keep up with.

    Learning about gardening is a bit overwhelming at times but I really enjoy your channel.

  • Cultivating Organic by Jo & Mig

    Very nice harvest. This is really the best part and fun to watch from every gardeners video. Thanks for sharing your bountiful harvest. Patrick.

  • Amanda Rosado

    I've been watching you a while. But tonight in my sleep deprivation of newborn, you remind me of Mr. Rogers of gardening. Just thought I'd share. Lol

  • mike m

    Hello Patrick. Im wondering if you're having trouble with these newer "stink bugs" that Ive never seen before last year? Im in Rockford, just west of you and Holy cow, were gettin them! We too are finally seeing a good harvest on most just recently and hope we get an extended season to make up for the terrible spring we had…

  • Peggy Gates

    I am enjoying a harvest of Trionfo Violetto pole beans (at your suggestion) and love them! They are abundant, beautiful and delicious!

  • lollmfaoify

    Can I say I have a bit of garden envy? Absolutely incredible garden. Love the guitar, too. I have harvested some cucumbers and a few tomatoes. Slow going in my zone 5 garden. May all out harvests be abundant!

  • Prairie Plantgirl

    I love this time of year when groceries are just outside my door. Here in zone 3 I am getting potatoes, peppers, peas, beans, celery, and lots more.

  • Karlee Stachura

    Hi, I'm zone 5b northern Illinois, I've harvested green beans, a zucchini, a few cucumbers, and a few banana peppers. Also herb garden flourishing, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram, dill, chives, garlic chives,spearmint, lavender, and sweet mint.

  • James Zahler

    Here in MN, I planted my first garden, and it's been slow compared to the estimated maturity dates. I was harvesting lettuce and mustard greens until about two weeks ago before the last of it bolted. Last weekend I harvested potatoes, peas, beans, and carrots and one pepper. My Tomatoes are still green. My cucumbers and squashes are just starting to flower.

  • Garden 4 Life

    I harvested our garlic last weekend. 38 huge heads of garlic from saved cloves from last year! Been also picking zucchini, celery, jalapenos, herbs, and cucumbers in Wisconsin Zone 5. No tomatoes yet…

  • Youri

    My first zucchini plants are now at their end
    harvested my rozeval and nicolaj potatoes today
    Tomatoes are also starting now
    First onions have died off
    And the carrots are also being eaten
    My broccolis are fully grown and the palm cale is also ready to harvest.
    Wanna try garlic in October

  • Britta Zarl

    Your garden looks great and m harvest has been strange due to the weather as well.

    I also have a question. You mentioned applying elemental sulfur to the soil for the blueberries. Do you have a video in that, or would you be so kind and explain what you do or where I could read more about it!? I am askibg because I cannot grow blueberries in my soil either and a friend has problems with her hydrangeas, which need acidic soil as well. Thank you so much in advance.

  • Ashley Moore

    looks good! mine is doing okay, was a slow start where i am but things are staring to move and fruit has done well.

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