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  • Revati Shelat 2 years ago

    So happy to see an update! I have a question: Do you manage to use all this produce yourself or do you sell any of it or give it away?

  • ChezGra 2 years ago

    Great video!!! Are you already sowing things for fall harvest?

  • kiran 2 years ago

    Just loved watching the deer. I am really happy that you share the food with these beautiful creatures. God bless u with much more. We need more people like you. Thanks. Kiran

  • ScientificExplorer Girl 2 years ago

    You are growing a nice garden for that deer! Glad to see that you are enjoying some of the harvest too 🙂 Best wishes.

  • Kiran Kumar 2 years ago

    you are very special in gardening great job buddy

  • Ella Cat 2 years ago

    Your catnip is ready to harvest! I always harvest mine when it gets to 2/3s blossom. And yours looks fully blossomed. Catnip grows back, so if you harvest it now, it'll start to grow back and yield more leaves, rather than letting it stay till the end of the season.

  • Susan Waldrep 2 years ago

    So nice and neat. thanks for sharing.

  • Khan Alam 2 years ago

    Please upload video in every week from Pakistan

  • Shalbin James 2 years ago

    Hii Bubble !Thanks for sharing end of july garden update with us :)Let me know what variety of corn is that??Is it a sweet/field.Regards,Shalbin.

  • Big Wrath 2 years ago

    I know you have taken measures to prevent them from eating your crops but at the same time I feel you don't mind as much as others that they eat your crops , great video love the time laps once again always look forward to your videos .

  • Sandy Chapman 2 years ago

    A pleasure as always. That darn opossum! They got to eat to! Very good video thank you!

  • Lauren Moore 2 years ago

    I love your videos so much and am sad when they end!

  • ChubbEpenguin 2 years ago

    Digging your videos man! Keep'em coming!

  • Sherry McQuade 2 years ago

    There you are! Have been waiting for you and Squeek. Your deck looks totally empty! But you have the healthiest backyard wildlife in NC.

  • kats mama 2 years ago

    Even with all the critters working against you, you still get great harvests!

  • Leone Auzston 2 years ago

    That deer would be deer meat. As for the possum it would be cooked up for dog food.

  • n00b h4x3r 2 years ago

    how can you eat cold soup? ugh. good video as always.

  • Terri Nichols 2 years ago

    How beautiful! How sweet! Love your videos.