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Juice Plus Scam? Someone Should Have Told You This? Juice Plus Reviews. Blog: So you are researching Juice Plus. Trying to find out if a Jiuce plus scam exists or if the negative Juice Plus reviews are just a bunch of whiney ex-reps. The truth is there is no Juice Plus scam. Juice Plus is a completely legitimate business, and you can make money. That said, many struggle, resulting in the negative Juice Plus reviews you may see around the web. So why do people struggle? Well there are a series of reasons. The most common reason is that many have a misconception of MLM thinking it is get rich quick, and that just isn’t the case. People like this start a Juice Plus business thinking they will make a few phone calls, and then just sit back and rake it in. They are sadly mistaken and often end up upset with Juice Plus rather than their own unfair expectations. Another reason people make Juice Plus scam claims is because they don’t have a large enough audience and have little influence over the audience they do have. No one teaches them how to successfully generate leads outside of their warm market and their Juice Plus business goes no where. If you take anything from this Juice Plus review please let it be this. Learning to move outside of your warm market will be the key to Juice Plus success, and put Juice Plus scam claims to rest. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJuice Plus Scam? | The Real Problem for a Juice Plus Distributor!‘Juice Plus Diets’ – The truth about this newest crazeEvery Home Garden Should Have this Fruit TreeCo to jest mlm? Plan Marketingowy – Juice Plus (kierunek niezależność)Diet Review – Juice Plus4 Doctors Speak Out About […]

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  • AyeTubePodcast 1 year ago

    Oh my dear friends this guy is using another company name and attaching "Scam" to it so that he can "scam" you into down the road buying his advice which may or may not help you in your day to day life…. #Ignore this man.?

  • Mark John 1 year ago

    juice piss mlm scam?

  • Missy R 1 year ago

    I took JP for 4 years.

  • Chris Konrad 1 year ago

    JuicePlus is to Fruits what mummies are to human beings.?

  • Maverick Advertising and Design 1 year ago

    yes once again, Alexandra and this stupid video above!!! misinformed!!!! AND THANKS PEOPLE… LOTS OF COMMENTS SUPPORTING JUICE PLUS!!!!!?

  • JMUDoc 1 year ago

    99.7% of MLM investors lose money.

    "Ah – but I won't be one of them!"

    I'm sure all of the 99.7% felt that way, too…

    (I also love the ridiculously unsubtle "home office" drop.)?

  • Victoria Miesle 1 year ago

    This video does nothing to show how JP is a scam.?

  • Vincent Palmisano 1 year ago

    If you are not building a leads list you will not make it in any business, this is no different.?

  • Anit McDaniel 1 year ago

    I believe that you are misinformed Juice Plus is backed by 36 published medical Journals the same Journals that publish the research on a variety of medications that the public takes. This Journals you can not buy your way in.?

  • Alexandra N 1 year ago

    All of these juicePlus clients happen to be distributors, so that is my first problem

  • Tway Garr 1 year ago

    If you read all the post here you will see a trend. People that don't use JP+ say it is a scam and the people that take JP+ say it is not (some of which made no money trying to sell it). I use and sell it, we make it EVERY CLEAR that is is not a weight loss pill or the cure to poor DNA but we do need more fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and these pills help to bridge the gap.

  • Original FoxyLox 1 year ago

    Juice Plus is a massive scam; there is no science to it at all and it's claims are lies. Ask your doctor, they'll tell you the same. A diet without fibre will never be healthy, and any weight loss will be temporary. It's all built of psychological manipulation and a reliance on your medical ignorance.

    JuicePlus changes your DNA? Brazen bullshit. The only thing that can do that is chemotherapy or similar. Wake up, people – this is a pyramid scheme, simple as.?

  • konanstan denoble 1 year ago

    get your politicians gestures and well practiced tone out of here asshole?

  • Rod Manwell 1 year ago

    My dad survived pancreatic cancer for over 15 years thanks to Juice Plus so anyone who says it is a scam just come talk to me and if you still don't believe that is your own tough luck.?

  • Larrys mlmtips 1 year ago
  • Kaitlyn Chapman 1 year ago


  • Chapel Fit 1 year ago

    These products are SO processed, making them hard to be absorbed by the human body.. Have a real juice, salad and veggies!! How hard is it to eat a apple?

  • Mark Landes 1 year ago

    That was 1400.00/month?

  • Mark Landes 1 year ago

    Using JP+ for 17 years and quite happy with it. If the marketing method is not your cup-of-tea, just use the products which are well back by studies. I also juice and eat
    as many fruits and veggies as possible. I don't drink sodas or have any cravings for junk foods. I drink raw milk. I still