Added by on 2018-08-30 Juice Plus+ is our review of the week. In Thursday Throwdown episode we discuss whether or not Juice Plus is all it’s cracked up to be. Is it really a whole food? Are synthetic vitamins the same as the real thing? Is it worth the /month investment for “nutritional gap insurance”? Can you really lose weight? Should this be marketed to your kids? Or is it really just one big multi level marketing scam? We take a deep dive into Juice Plus… from the ingredients to the nutrition label to the chewables and the capsules. No (lime)stone is left un-turned. 😉 Let me know what you think in the comments. For real health, nutrition, and fitness awesomeness subscribe to our channel. And if you’re in the St. Louis area, come check out one of our classes. Details at: Related PostsJuice Plus Scam? Someone Should Have Told You This?Juice Plus Review: What isn’t your upline telling you?Bear Grylls review of Juice PlusDiet Review – Juice PlusWhat is Juice Plus? ReviewJuice Plus Capsule and Virtul Franchise Review | GS

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  • Rebecca Conrow 6 months ago

    You truly need to get off your high horse dude and your faulty fallacies. I discern a bit of pride and unwillingness to give it a try. I will say this: I was on anticonvulsant medication for my epilepsy. I got off of my medication and got on Juice Plus. I haven't had a single seizure or migraine head ache since. Mind you, I was getting one every other day while on my medication. I guess I should keep my anticonvulsant medication because that is what is approved by the FDA and shouldn't try JP because it's the equivalance of knowing it's "bad" for me like cigarettes because it's made in a lab. You're wrong again. You didn't do your research on how it's made. Your argument is stupid and ignorant at best. Don't take any ibuprofen or tylenol when you're in pain, or have any a cold, body aches or head ache because "it's bad" for your liver. Dumb. But how can JP be bad for you if its dehydrated fruits and vegetables? Just thinking about your idiotic review upsets me; so hopefully, some day you will see the light.

  • Rebecca Conrow 6 months ago

    Exactly you idiot because it is a food label! You don't put a nutritional label on an apple or piece of brocolli. You simply know whole foods is what you eat! Look and inform yourself why other foods have nutritional labels.

  • Thoai Phan 6 months ago

    My family & kids using juice plus & gummies for years, there’s no such things like he said, I make sure my kids take the gummies before they brush their teeth every morning and there’s no any any problem with their dental, but created a good habit for them to consciously take care of their own health & teeth. My experiences with these capsules were absolutely outstanding. As a mother of 5 children, always busy and I’m so glad that I found juice plus, as I always sick & have hay fever every years, since JP showed up in my life, I would say that my life is getting better than ever. There’re only fruits & veggies & love the veggies in their complete protein shakes, also got mushrooms, peas, broccolis, pomegranates etc in their protein shakes, what a peace of mind to consciously taking those products everyday

  • Ceon Global 6 months ago

    @St louis fitness bootcamp while you are pretending to be an expert to monetize your channel on YouTube, you are calling out a company making money off people… must be kidding….might as well call out Walmart, GNC, Vitamin shop for making money off people especially for selling synthetic crap….. You are not being honest and the uneducated/uninformed people tend to believe morons like you because they don't realize what you are doing. I have never met you but I can post a video about you made up with distorted lies because I don't like you, would that make it true?……What you are not telling people which is misleading is that it's not about take Juice Plus instead of eating whole food, nobody ever said that……JP+ is perfect for people who don't eat 9-13 serving of whole food due to lack of time or potentially not wanting to spend $450-500 a month per person to consume 33 Fruits, Veggies and Berries EVERY SINGLE day. If they are lucky enough to find the 33 raw produce 12 months out of the year…..WHAT is their alternative?Instead of putting a product down and calling all the doctors and health professionals who read the published human studies on Juice Plus an idiot, take a good look in the mirror……And since Most people are not capable of consuming and be diligent about the 9-13 servings day in day out, Juice Plus IS the next best thing to Fruits, Vegetables and Berries……This country is a disaster when it comes to health and people are popping toxic, chemicals called Meds. You should bark on Big Pharma's door for the fraud they perpetrated on uninformed people willing to take that stuff. Bottom line, your distorted review has no value only for those who don't know the Internet is nothing more then an electronic bathroom wall.

  • Jess Quinn 6 months ago

    Leftovers!! I can't even deal!! I love this!! I just had my own pitched to me, I didn't believed one bit!YouTubed 'juice plus' and this came up! Watched it so much confirmed I love this!! Thank you for making this!!

  • LovedOneFull 6 months ago

    This is a great video. It touched on the things I noticed as strange (sugar in the chewables and added synthetic vitamins). And it helped me look at the parts I found strange more closely. In researching, I started losing my discernment. Thank you.

  • John Boy 6 months ago

    Any sane person who attends just one MLM "pep rally" should be scared away from the entire industry for life.

  • sweatintotheoldies 6 months ago

    Help! What brand(s) would you recommend of vitamins, supplements?

  • Deete 6 months ago

    Why are there not more videos like this about juice plus? The reason why just this works so well for people is that most people will not eat fruits and vegetables. So obviously it is better than nothing. Just eat your fruit and veggies people!

  • Eric Airborne 6 months ago

    Obviously you haven’t done your full homework on this… so my question is which comic book did you get your nutritionist/ training certification from???
    Just curious because I feel for the folks who would actually follow your information

  • childof jesusrose 6 months ago

    Thanks so much for this God bless

  • John Donaldson 6 months ago

    Obviously, you did little research on Juiceplus. IF you actually spent some time on the website, you would read that the company places great emphasis on consuming an assortment of fruits and vegetables in its original form. Getting the 8 to 12 servings daily. They also emphasis a healthier lifestyle change with exercise and with fruits and vegetables. You said 31 independent studies were paid off to twist the results. Who was paid off? Facts please. Nowhere does the company claim it is a cure for Cancer, weightloss or autism. Now, you are entitled to your opinion and I am happy all your clients get all their proper servings of fruits and vegetable daily. Thats awesome. But their are 350 million people in the USA, and less than 10% get adequate daily nutrition. Can you show me any scientific study that proves Juiceplus just a notch over doughnuts?? Research has shown, and I have actually read a couple from the medical journals, that juiceplus is a valuable enhancement to anyone who is nutrient deficient. It makes no claim that it is a replacement for raw fruits and vegatables. Lastly, Yes, the chewables do contain tapioca syrup and cane sugars ,and perhaps it could do without. But 2 chewables at 15 calories is not whats causing child obesity in this country.

  • Patricia Fredal 6 months ago

    Thank you! Appreciated your breakdown of it all.

  • Kyo Jane 6 months ago

    This video has upset me and i was wondering if you could maybe respond to my comment and help me out? My personal story begins with myself and my brother not having a good childhood. Among abuse and being taught vegetables were disgusting animal food from the ground we also watched our beloved papa one of the only people who cared deeply about us slowly die. This included his choking on food, being sick eventually being tube fed etc. This scarred us. My brother so deeply that he has a phobia so great of food that he ate nothing his entire life but his two safe foods which i wont name for judgments sake. This lead to liver failure nd almost death. He is now living on resource drinks which he finds hard to stomach and rarely manages his full dose. I though not quite as severly affected as my brother have still a very unhealthy relationship with food. I suffered from anorexia, then bulimia and little stints of binging. Now i eat one meal a day and fully admit i do not eat the healthiest of foods as my habits were formed by parents who were the ones saying veg = bad. I have a mental block when it comes to eating veg, i hope to work on breaking this but am not stupid and know it will take years and years as of right now i cannot even nibble most veg to try and accustomise myself to the taste. I found JP and thought thankyou god i have found a way to get nutrients into not only me but more importantly my brother. Then i found this video. My heart has fallen and i ask you to think on specifically my personal account and tell me the best way to get these nutrients into my body without eating vegetables. I know nothing compares to fresh organic veg, i am not stupid, but for now, until a time i can work with my psych docs and break the mental block between me and veg. How best can i nourish my body? Please help.

  • Alexis Wilkinson 6 months ago

    Some very well meaning folks selling this, however I was on the capsules for a year and a half never done me any good but you guys have to choose for yourselves.

  • Franklin Diputado 6 months ago

    The ignorance is real!

  • Casey Elmore 6 months ago

    Being a health and fitness professional myself I was shocked to come across your video. First, research. You actually need to look the 37 research studies that have been done by the most prominent institutes in the world. Not promising life change, but showing truth through science that there are a very large amount of nutritional value to this nutraceutical by the then published research in (also some of the most reputable) medical journals across the world that would not publish such “rubbish” if it were not valid. Not matter the results. They are published in many journals.

    The paper you are reading from is inaccurate if you have simply looked at their website you can actually get the correct information. Or going to their YouTube channel to see how Plus+ is made. They don’t use extracts at all. But in the whole form. Therefore, your broccoli example, is moot point.

    Do you understand the food labels? When you look at a bag of frozen blueberries or a box of organic spinach and look at the label… what do you see? We know these foods to be “Super foods”, high on the ORAC scale, and touted to be some of the best produce we can get. Why? Because published scientific data. However, when you look at the label what do you see? Four vitamins labels.. usually A,C, Calcium, and Iron. So is that all that’s in spinach or blueberries? It doesn’t seem very healthy. Same, goes for your statement regarding A,C,E, Folate on the Juice Plus+ labels. Fortunately for science we know there is a lot more going on here because of the whole food all in this nutraceutical.

    Lastly, I don’t take a lot of time out of my busy life to troll posts like these, but somehow this showed up in my feed. I’m glad. I took the time away from the most important things in my life to help educate on facts and science. Hope you will take the time to educate yourself in science.

  • Lara_Collier 6 months ago

    Juice plus is the best don't dis it, this is a crap video you shouldn't say stuff you don't know that's true. Everything you said is the opposite…

  • Kristin Pirotin 6 months ago

    A few questions…
    1. Have you ever actually tried Juice Plus+?
    2. Are you aware that there are over 36, Gold Standard Studies, that prove that Juice Plus+ has vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and anti-oxidants that synergistically work together to flood our body by absorbing into out bloodstream, which does amazing things for our body? Of those more than 20 prestigious medical and scientific journals have published studies on Juice Plus?
    My guess is no…..