Added by on 2016-10-18 Video Rating: / 5 This video is about how to Recruit a team in your network marketing (Juice Plus) Business. Related PostsHEALTHY LIVING/ JUICE PLUS SUPERCHATJuice Plus Distributor Tips – Discover How To Grow Your Juice Plus Business Successfully OnlineJuice Plus Scam? | The Real Problem for a Juice Plus Distributor!Juice plus Tower gardenMy Juice Plus Review 2017Juice Plus Tower Gardens at Expanding Minds Unlimited – Hydroponic Growing Inside

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  • Crystal Whitlow 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing! How long have you been taken Juice Plus? I appreciate you sharing your knowledge in a friendly way. :)

  • Erika Gimbel 1 year ago

    This is the first I'm hearing that you're India. Please tell me about this and thank you in advance.

  • Ian Faetz 1 year ago

    They don't do anything, don't be fooled

  • Milena Hirkalova 1 year ago

    Hi Alana in the UK you get two packs of 220 capsuls for 78£. Is that correct? Thank u

  • Alisha Vevers 1 year ago

    Hi, does the purple one help with weight loss? Thanks x

  • Jonathon Dunn 1 year ago

    You are very right about the funding part in research. I'm a medical researcher and the scientists don't pay attention or care about who paid for a study. The money either comes from a private company, all pharmaceutical companies have to do it yet people take those drugs, or from taxes. It is also against federal law to have any contact with the company under certain circumstances and the research group until the conclusion is ready to be reviewed or the company decides to cancel the study. The stuff not to believe are what are called the 'White Papers' from companies. They are a company do a "study" themselves, with their own researchers, in their own labs, with no oversight.

  • Moon Glow 1 year ago

    I looked at your website. If I click the buy now button, will I be required to purchase a subscription? I would like to try it….dealing with Lyme here. I saw the interview you did with your business partner. I am also a subscriber of your YouTube channel.

  • Bree M 1 year ago

    Hi Alana, I'm one of your new subscribers, originally from Australia but I live now in the UK, just wanted to thank you for sharing your life, I'm truly grateful to have found your channel. This particular video is the first I found after searching juice plus and I watch it anytime I need inspiration. Working my way thru your other videos. Feel like I (kinda) know you now (lol) so wanted to say hi and say thanks! Have a wonderful day! Bree X

  • Sanura Moon 1 year ago

    Fantastic job! Love my Juice Plus! :))

  • Amreetha Priscilla 1 year ago

    Hi Alana, I am from Chennai, India. Hearing a lot about JP and really interested in trying it. how do I join your team and get them at India

  • Sumaya Chohan 1 year ago

    do these hav gelatine in them

  • Chris P 1 year ago

    My husband just started taking these 1 month ago and he feels a huge difference already. He has MS and is now able to do so much more w/ lots of energy.

  • David Marquez 1 year ago

    This is so untrue. Juice Plus contains ZERO vitamins coming from dehydrated fruits or vegetables. The few vitamins that are in the product label come from an added suplemental vitamin – way inferior and way more expensive than any multivitamin you can buy in any supermarket. Why did they have to add vitamins to it? Because their dehydration process removed the natural nutrients! This is the most overpriced and incomplete vitamin you could ever buy. Think about it, juice plus contains fruit powder but it is not a concentrated form of it – it simply is dehydrated fruit – how much nutrition can you get from two small tiny capsules of dehydrated (and dead) fruit?

  • barbara mccaughley 1 year ago

    what do you think of the juice plus shakes x

  • Brady Browning (OhGeeMama) 1 year ago

    If I broke open the capsules and placed in a smoothie or protein shake, would it alter the taste of my drink?

  • hairstylistmom38 1 year ago

    question for you. what are your thoughts on Doterra essential oils? I've been researching and am wondering your thoughts if it has a witchcrafty feel about it. I just don't know if I'm over thinking it..

  • Penelopy Jane 1 year ago

    does the company automatically bill you after you place an order? I do not want automatic billing

  • beth mitchell 1 year ago

    why do they take the fiber out?

  • Gina A. 1 year ago

    Thank you girl! 🙂 Now I know how to explain it or I can send them this video! Lol cause sometimes I want to tell people about it but I don't know how. Thanks a ton!

  • Louis Jones Physiotherapy 1 year ago

    Hi Melissa, great vid, which John Holowaty video are you referring to for business overview?

  • Tamara Compton 1 year ago

    babe whats the welcome pack :/ i dont think i got one when i joined xx

  • emma james 1 year ago

    hey! thank you too much for making this video ! i literally have 10 pages of notes! i would love to pick your brain about how to introduce the start up costs ? thanks xxx

  • Heather Gaffney 1 year ago

    Can you link the video you ask people to watch from John Hollowaty?