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Tonight I was watching BBC1’s Watchdog and as part of the programme they featured Juice Plus and had some interesting things to say in agreement with a video I made a while ago ‘Calling All Juice Plus Reps Please Help’- I’m NOT bashing JP I’m just saying that I agreed with the things mentioned. I still love the Juice Plus Shakes and I’d even use their capsules I just don’t agree with the claims made (about healing major illnesses) and I don’t think those with no medical training should be giving any health advice. Related PostsWhat is Juice Plus?Juice Plus Scam? | The Real Problem for a Juice Plus Distributor!juice plus – how to make a shakejuice plus – how to make a shakeHealing Multiple Sclerosis and my Juice Plus journeyPurple Juice Plus Vineyard Blend Capsules Science Emma Buckley

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  • M TECHTips 3 months ago

    I can tell you my ex girlfriend is a rep for Juice Plus and I always question the claims that the product was been advertised for. she also makes and has made claims that the product is good curing IBS and that it has sorted her inflammatory authoritis and this is not true.

    I don't know if there is a way to report it to juice plus but people should be made aware.

  • amandapandajayne 3 months ago

    I've been taken the Berry capsules for a month now and my skin has actually improved a lot !

  • Viickii Campbell 3 months ago

    The only thing my rep has told me is it cures acne and it does! I've seen loads of people who uses the capsules and they have cured their acne never have they told me it helps other illnesses and as for diabetes it's doesn't cure it BUT people have diabetes when their over weight, jp helps you loose weight so when you do loose weight it can cure it not the jp it's self but what it help you do! And that's loose weight

  • Elite Reptiles 3 months ago

    Juice Plus or any representative of JP has never claimed it "Cures" medical conditions, it "Helps" conditions. Get your facts right before you start making false accusations!

  • Kirstie Gavan 3 months ago

    subscribed 🙂 good video

  • Leah Brooks 3 months ago

    It IS a natural way to heal yourself 🙂 Look at the research!

  • Caitlin Cox-Groden 3 months ago

    I understand some reps make serious claims but as someone on it I had had less effects on my IBS and my polycystic ovarys, two thing my doctors couldn't help me with. so not always false claims reps take info from other customers. they don't make it up.

  • Avahil200907 3 months ago

    Well said lady

  • Natalie Foskett 3 months ago

    Firstly you are knocking it. We do not give medical advise.  We do not advise people to stop taking medication.  I am on morphine and lots of other medication myself  and your words are not picked carefully.  You are misleading people.  We say they help not cure. If your body is being flooded with antioxidants then it will help with many ailments.  We do not cure anyone. We help. Get it right please,

  • Sarah Asante 3 months ago

    I have gain weight after giving birth and believe this can help me.tell me more about it.thanks

  • MedicineX 3 months ago

    Thanks for the video! What's scary is that JP is targeting medical doctors and especially medical STUDENTS to come and work with them as franchise partners. I'm a medical student, and I have been personally targeted by JP! Med students are perfect for them, as they are often in debt and grow up to be..medical doctors.

  • Tricky Nicky 3 months ago

    Juice Plus is a con. There is no magic way to lose weight. It's not rocket science; burn more calories than you take in. Check out Richie Howey, his Facebook page and website gives free, simple advice on how to safely lose fat!!!

  • Brian Playfair 3 months ago

    The Juice Plus Company don't claim it cures anything, this programme has been based on a few distributors that have broken company rules by making these claims and you and lots of others are eating it up. You're right in that its wrong that reps are giving medical or nutritional advice, they shouldn't be! But…..that is the actions of a few people, not everyone. A lot of us eat fruits & vegetables everyday to keep ourselves healthy, the product is designed to bridge the gap between what we should have and what we actually have everyday. How much knowledge does someone need to offer a product that simply tops up your level of fruit and veg?? A greengrocer does the same.

  • Lynn wright 3 months ago

    I was told it made your illness better it's a scam that can cost you lots of money

  • Samantha York 3 months ago

    It's always been a scam

  • Meme Cullen 3 months ago

    bet thw 5 qho disliked your vid are juice plus husslers! well put you said your point fairly!

  • Scott Connely 3 months ago

    Not all of us claim ridiculous things 🙂

  • jade stapleton 3 months ago

    Juice plus reps DO NOT give medical advice, we are not allowed to
    We also do not claim these products can CURE you.That's a very strong word and of course it's not going to help everyone's medical conditions, but there are so many people that it has helped