How to get nutrition when you can’t eat fruits and veggies because of Gastroparesis. my email:

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Juice Plus for Gastroparesis

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  • Dila Caspare

    Hi! Looking at the ingredients on their website I am at a COMPLETE loss about how those gummies can possibly replace fruits and veg. I can't eat fruits and veg in adequate amounts because of gut issues but those gummies probably contain about 1 tablespoon max of actual fruit/veg juice in them. They don't mention the raw weight equivalent on the package probably because it's miniscule! 2 gummies weigh 5 grams, 4 grams of which are carbohydrates, out of which 2 grams are SUGAR (sugar is not a nutrient by any stretch of imagination!), 1 g of fiber (also not a nutrient!), maltodextrin is a second ingredient on the label (cheap carbohydrate filler!). And finally, we have powdered juice AND pulp of fruits and veg . I mean, HOW? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that those gummies are mostly sugar and have next to zero actual nutrient value. Consider that 3 grams out of 5 is sugar and fiber! Then there is maltodextrin. What do you think is in the rest 1-2 grams, a bowl of fruit and veg magically reduced to almost nothing?

  • Evan Pope

    Hey! Thank you so much for posting this. The GP community is so small and sometimes it is easy to feel alone in the battle. But, I am looking forward to trying the gummies. It would be nice to get blood work back with normal numbers.

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