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Go Here ⇒ How To Become A Juice Plus Distributor Top Earner – Secrets To Building Your Juice Plus Business Opportunity ✦ How To Personally Sponsor 107 Reps In 60 Days Or Less ⇒ In this juice plus marketing plan video you will learn how to share the benefits of juice plus products effectively online in your marketing materials without connections or a large social circle. A lot of the traditional prospecting, recruiting and promotional strategies as a juice plus representative rely on large volumes of actively prospecting your warm market and cold market. This juice plus business model and prospecting strategy does not suit a lot of distributors as it simply is counter intuitive to their natural personality. This does not mean offline direct sales and learning how to get customers for juice plus products cannot be achieved this way, it just means it is not very duplicable for the average person with no sales experience. The juice plus compensation plan 2017 offer a unique opportunity to earn income with your own juice plus virtual franchise. There are essentially two primary ways to earn income like most pay plans: direct commission earned through profit on retail sales and team overrides and commissions earned from the efforts of those you sponsor and those they sponsor, multiple levels deep in your growing organization. Your club level average earnings will depend on the number of qualifying distributors. As you step into a leadership role and guide others to success you will ascend the juice plus levels in the juice plus pay plan (sometimes referred to as commission plan, career plan, comp plan, compensation plan, business plan etc.) The juice plus ranks are as follows: – juice plus distributor rank – retail sales profit – direct distributor rank (DD) – retail […]

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