Added by on 2018-07-09 Watch this video for information about the ingredients of Juice Plus Capsules. The three types Fruits, Veggies and Berries each are composed with 9 different varieties. I’m going to take a closer look at Juice Plus Capsules and their Ingredients. The Plants are harvested at their peak ripeness, assuring the maximum development of nutrients. Juicing releases the nutrients from the plant matter, the fibre is removed and the juice dried at low temperatures as to preserve the nutrients. The Capsules are Gluten FREE. The Capsules are GMO FREE The Capsules contain no artificial flavours or colours. Video Rating: / 5 I share my journey to wellness with hypothyroidism and how Juice Plus helped change my life! If you would like more information email me at You to can have better health and a better life! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow Juice Plus Berry Capsules Have Helped me…Purple Juice Plus Vineyard Blend Capsules Science Emma BuckleyWhat Ingredients are in LIFT by Juice Plus+?My journey on the Juice Plus capsulesJuice Plus: The Premium Capsules Explained 😍🍒🍇HOW TO USE JUICEPLUS PREMIUM CAPSULES AND OMEGA BLEND

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  • Shane Mc Kenna 1 year ago

    Freeze dried

  • mrseternaldancer 1 year ago

    Great explanation ! So, the fiber is removed ? I thought the WHOLE plant was used and processed ? What aren’t I understanding?

  • Sam Preer 1 year ago

    Can you talk a little slower? Can't keep up its so complicated!
    This video could be done in 30 seconds

  • Debra Conaway 1 year ago

    Yes these are certified organic.

  • Stevie Downing 1 year ago

    Hi – Yes, yes, yes. But, since none of the fruits and vegetables are certified organic, there are residual amounts of pesticides and herbicides in the product. Is JP tested for the presence of the pesticide and herbicide poisons that are used on the local farms where the food is grown? Please let me know. Best, Stevie

  • Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe 1 year ago

    This is soooo powerful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Tamara Millar 1 year ago

    Do you also use the shakes from juice plus?

  • Tamara Millar 1 year ago

    Are you still on meds for your thyroid?

  • Linda Glenn 1 year ago

    Sarah…I thank God that you found how to treat your hypothyroidism with juice plus at this stage in your life. I am 30 years older than you and have been battling this my whole life as well. It does not get better with medication. I agree, and it does progress to other even more complicated health issues. I can testify to that in my own life. I can wholeheartedly agree with the surge of energy you feel when taking the juice plus and the relief from pain in the body. I have been taking it for about five and a half weeks now and I feel tremendously better. Blessings to you as you continue with the journey.

  • r87y 1 year ago

    I completely agree on that surge of energy feeling! My first day of taking the pills i took it that morning then went to the gym and I was walking in and completely felt like I had taken pre-workout or coffee or something I couldnt believe it was just natural goodies! LOVE JUICE PLUS

  • Nicole Mullins 1 year ago

    I love your video. I'm so glad you are feeling better. God bless you!!