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  • Chaos 1 year ago

    Tired of these sell out puppet ass black men. They are all BGLO.. They get recruited in college and sell their people out. They come out and say what the evil elite put in their mouths. Our worse enemies are people that look like us. We can't tell they are the enemy until the damage is done.

  • Jake Man 1 year ago

    Obama was going to change everything for the better for us black folks, he had 8 years and didn't do shit, he made it worse. He didn't give damn on day one, and he won't give a damn tomorrow. Nothing but a half cracker imposter.

  • Bryan Jones 1 year ago

    fuck folks

  • Brian Holiday-El 1 year ago

    Thank you.

  • Elvis Thoughts 1 year ago

    I liked his comment on rednecks like me. I do believe you can do any job you work hard for no matter your race.

  • Karen Miller 1 year ago

    that's bullshit Joe brown. are you implying that Trump will help black people because he is honest to a fault? I don't get what he is saying.
    I guess that's what happens when you eat too much pork and other flesh.

  • Dap Dunlap 1 year ago

    I wanted to hear what Joe Brown said about his old roommate, sound like it was edited out.

  • Dean Wilson 1 year ago

    The great judge speaks volume unto my soul.

  • Demetrious Cutino 1 year ago

    Come on Judge. Stevie Wonder could see that that white devil killed that man. Shot him in the back, and planted the taser. I understand being opened minded, but you are going overboard.

  • Vicki Acquah 1 year ago

    host .you did that. loved it.!

  • Anthony H 1 year ago

    Not as simple as getting your Robinhood on to balance things out. Maybe. How do I rob the castle?

  • JamesEarlMoans 1 year ago

    Trumps uncle was real, it's not that Donald himself is a time traveler dude. Donald's sister is a very prominent judge but its never spoken of. The Trumps are powerful people quietly. Donald is just the PT Barnum of the family.

    The coon connotation is not simply for people who speak to or deal with white people. It's a title for black folks who go out of their way to support white supremacy even at the harm of black people.

  • Joshua Trosclair 1 year ago

    I have a 5 year plan on my video anybody can do and you will be set for life if you just listen to the end no one else will ever give you this info just give it a chance.

  • Rena Williams 1 year ago

    ❤ Judge Joe Brown!

  • david lopez 1 year ago

    Joe Brown said it best that people get what they deserve if everybody's crying and trying to get over on everybody that's the kind of leaders were going to have

  • david lopez 1 year ago

    I think Joe Brown was one of the best judges on TV ever but him trying to brush you off this pizza thing thing looks very suspicious

  • Melvin's Channel 1 year ago

    Judge Joe Brown speaks the truth!

  • FliesAtNightWoman 1 year ago

    Excellent interview. I sooo admire Judge Joe Brown.

  • Zero One 1 year ago

    good broadcast