Young man attends auction to buy back family farm: Astonished when entire hall goes dead silent

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John Suscovich

| Vertical farming | 19 Comments
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  • Tasha Clark

    God bless all you farmers who did that may God bless you all for generations and generations to come that your lands always stay in the family and always produce abundantly. Again God bless you for what you all did for this family at the auction

  • billy smith

    in my family i wanted to carry on an occupation that i would have been 3rd generation working. it never happened due to disability. i went another occupational road in life, the tradition died with me. glad they kept silent.

  • Douglas MacArthur

    This land auction was held w/o a " reserve clause".
    Every land auction I have attended HAD a reserve clause and thus the SELLER would have rejected a bid he deemed too low.

  • duane mumm

    Why was the farm "sold to a distant relative" and buy whom? It wasn't David's father, was it Grampa? Why? Maybe it's a real story. Maybe it's just a tear-jerking fabricated fable.

  • Jim Coulter

    As I listen to this story, being raised on a Ranch, I went into Electronics. However my Heart is still down there in the Dirt, and Farmers are what make America Great, the lessons of life most never pick up on. When a Neighbor needs help fellow neighbors come and help. Most in the City would never understand this story, however I get it. I tried to give our Son the same lesson, however I failed. America is paying the price now. So my Hat is off to that room full of Great Americans who remained Silent to help another fellow human! Every evening I turn on the Tv for the evening news I see what America is becoming, a Land of Cold Hearted People killing one another fighting over nothing, the back biting, the Drugs, the Carnage of our young people from Alcohol and illegal drugs, the shuttered Churches. GOD Bless all of you who still Farm this GOD Given land, and care for the things that GOD gave America! I Thank The GOD of Abraham for being born into my life that is so far from many Americans now! To the Young Americans you are on the Wrong Road, turn around before it is too late.
    An Old Geezer.

  • Cb Boggs

    This is the true spirit of America. Not the crap the drive by media wants you to believe.
    Without farmers the rest of the population would not exist.
    God Bless the farmers and the land.

  • Steven DiNapoli

    Those farmers are true Americans! Even before I saw this video I always had a lot of respect and admiration for farmers. They are good hardworking people! God bless them.

  • Miranda Brooks

    Someone said it wasnt a true story. I listened to the video twice.

    1. No identification except
    David and Nebraska and 80 acres.
    2. No facial identification faces turned away from camera.
    3. No farm name. No city. No county.
    4. Why was farm sold in first place? Because you can't make a living on 80 acres?
    5. There is no way to prove this story actually happened. Just a feel good story from a Chicken Soup for the Soul Book?

  • bibi kola

    So a narrative like a flipping click bate. I will make sure i avoid your videos for ever. Accoubts like these are part of the fools paradise in thrumps world

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