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Discover what it takes to succeed here as a Master Gardener. We will be hiring for this position in early March 2017. Please watch this video all the way through — there will be specific instructions on how to apply at the end and we will only be considering candidates who demonstrate familiarity with its contents. Thanks for watching and we hope to hear from you! Table of Contents: 00:36 – Is This You? The steps to exploring if working at Master Gardens is right for you 01:05 – About Our Company: Vision, Mission, and What We Do 01:38 – Our Values: Not Just Lip-Service 03:18 – Required Competencies for this Position 05:58 – Accountabilities & Responsibilities 07:09 – Management Practices 07:19 – Policy #1: Blame-Free 07:49 – Policy #2: “GWC” 08:22 – Policy #3: 90-Minute Weekly Meetings 09:03 – Policy #4: Leadership and Management 09:26 – Our People Plan 09:58 – The People Analyzer 11:03 – How We Do Reviews 11:16 – Policy #5: The Three-Strike Rule 12:19 – Great Place to Work 13:04 – How to Apply Related PostsJobs MGJobs MGJobs MGSteve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985)Sims 3 Supernatural JobsVegetable Gardening jobs for May – Which? Gardening


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