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EZ Gro Deck Garden is available at The EZ GRO Deck Garden is a self-contained, fully automated, self-watering high density vertical hydroponic growing system enabling home gardeners to grow fresh, nutritious, healthy produce of there choice, with ease. The EZ GRO Deck Garden is easy to assemble, and simple to run. In fact, once assembled, it runs itself. No more worries about watering your plants while you’re away the Deck Garden takes care of it. Video Produced by Filmmakers of SA, LLC contact: website: Elliott Lamboy and Jessica Costales are videographers in Texas, USA. They work to promote the film industry in Texas and around the world. FilmMakersofSA is a San Antonio based LLC dedicated to videography in Texas. Related PostsUrban farming, verticle farming for profit. Lesson 3: Compost, watering, seeding, and worms.Indoor Verticle FarmingVerticle Farming Explained with Zjef van AckerVerticle Hydroponic farmingGraham Weston (Rackspace Hosting) at Startup Grind San AntonioVerticle Gardening Versus Regular Farming

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