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Building your own retaining wall might seem like a daunting (and expensive) task – but it’s a lot easier than you might think! Related PostsBuilders DIY: Designing your Garden – Building a Retaining Wall & SeatGet Started in Hydroponics, DIY System Easy & AffordablePittsburgh Retaining Wall with PlantersHow To Build a Retaining WallGardening: kids retaining wallStrawberry Tower, Hydroponics Easy & Affordable DIY System

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  • Shellsterharris 6 months ago

    Jason is my hero!

  • Jason Chen 6 months ago

    great work buddy~

  • Derpki 6 months ago

    There's no drainage on this wall and subsequently you're going to experience failures in short order.

  • Andrea Carlson 6 months ago

    What is preventing this wall from bulging out, after time, since you did not include a deadman every few feet? Also, what about drainage? Thank you.

  • Tristan Playz101 6 months ago

    My room needs a makeover

  • Mf Reiher 6 months ago

    Would be nice to include the screw size and cement used.

  • molpolkristine 6 months ago

    I would have put the retaining post on the inside . It looks better and it's easier to trimm the grass at the edges

  • OPAklak 123 6 months ago

    I rlly wouldn't mind spending £200 for this, totally worth it

  • Zombfied Loin 6 months ago


  • Yejun Li 6 months ago

    you did a good job,thanks for your video. I have a question, how to do the curve wall?

  • Heidi Ferguson 6 months ago

    Won't the wood rot? How long would you expect this to last?

  • Robert Skip Curran 6 months ago

    Very good ideas!. Music was harsh and unnecessary, but great video. Thumbs up

  • Sking 6 months ago

    This video was excellent, I love Jason's work….his videos are so entertaining and knowledgeable to watch….I want to thank him for his work. Keep it up Jason and the team!

  • Vishal 6 months ago

    Where r u guys? Plz come up with new contents
    Eagerly waiting

  • Frederik Klein 6 months ago

    We want more videos!
    Please… :´(

  • Tepai Pascual 6 months ago

    I miss Tara and the gang! More videos of them please! :'D

  • Madison jade 6 months ago

    Why did you stop uploading.

  • CULT BROOKLYN 6 months ago

    come on guys..where are you, i miss yall video 🙁
    big fan!

  • CaptainQueue 6 months ago

    Is the wood 2×8 or 2×10?