The Japanese lanterns, as the name points out, represent Japanese-style lamps that are placed inside the garden. The tendency to introduce objects from different cultures also in our country arrived a few years ago, also thanks to the era of globalization. The outdoor furniture has learned that the ethnic furniture and the Zen garden style could represent two valid alternatives for those who were bored of the classic style and were looking for something unusual. The garden, to be lived in during the evening, needs to be illuminated and if you have decided to follow a line oriented to the minimalist style, it could be very interesting to place Japanese lanterns.

Japanese lantern

The history of these lanterns allows us to understand why these objects in Japan certainly take on a greater meaning than we can attribute to them. The function of the Japanese lantern it was linked to the moment of tea, they were built in wood or with rocks, they allowed to create a diffused effect thanks to the light that emanated from the cracks. The moment of tea in Japan was and still is experienced as a ritual and particular attention is dedicated to it. Traditional models involved the use of a candle as an illuminating function, the shape of the lantern itself was very simple, sometimes carved out of stone.

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The arrangement of the Japanese lantern it must be in a place that is not immediately visible, but which represents a symbol indicating the stop. The plants that cover it contribute to making the lantern an element that blends with nature, as if the rite of tea and that place had something profoundly spiritual. The Japanese lantern symbolizes our garden, the one that lives in us, a place that must be discovered and illuminated. Of course, not everyone who is attracted to Japanese lanterns they are obliged to follow how much of the tradition survives behind this object, but it is essential to know that in its country of origin this lamp is not a simple object with a predictable meaning.

The shape of the Japanese lamp has survived unchanged over the centuries, and today we find several also made of granite. A first quality material is always used, they are finished in every detail and with care and are handcrafted. Of course, not all Japanese lamps sold on the market are original, some are just reproductions. The fake is noticed by the poor quality of the material used and by the decidedly low cost. Specialty shops sell Japanese lanterns, but you need to be prepared enough to tell their authenticity. The various models can also be made of stone and when the same illuminated lantern creates a pleasant space where you can relax and share the pleasure of a carefree evening with friends. Its shape and its history make it particularly interesting.

There are not a few Italians who decide to dedicate a space in their garden to a Japanese lantern. Many claim that the light emitted has almost a beneficial and relaxing effect. For those who want to reproduce a Japanese-style garden certainly lanterns cannot be missing and it would also be interesting to read up on the rest of the furnishings to be included to ensure that this element is not in contrast with everything else. Fans of the Japanese world would never give up having one of these lanterns, which is why it is important to separate the value and the actual meaning of this object from what can only be the aesthetic pleasure of the lantern. The representation of the pagoda brings back to these lands and gives a touch of exclusivity, but to be able to choose it in the most suitable size it is better to ask the dealer for information.

Approaching a new culture is also possible through these objects that tell the story of a people who have a deep respect for traditions and which have kept them unchanged for centuries. Respect is required to learn about a philosophy of life different from the Western world and this can also be done through the curiosity that an object such as a Japanese lamp can arouse. If it is difficult to find it in normal shops, you can use the internet, perhaps looking on some sites specialized in outdoor furniture or on Japanese sites. Attention to the choice, you must pay close attention if you want to have an authentic Japanese lamp in the garden.


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