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Subscribe to Jane Jenkins Herlong here: Self Improvement-Presentations Jane is on Sirius XM Radio. This is clip from Jane’s DVDs and CDs, “Down-home Principles; Uptown Humor”, “Laughin’ With the Church Ladies”, “Lovin’ Southern Livin,’ “A Southern Belle in Recovery”. Jane official web site is To purchase Jane’s book, ” Bare Feet to High Heels; You Don’t have to be a Beauty Queen to be a Beautiful Person” and “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,” and her Best-Selling book, “Bury Me With My Pearls; Humor with a Spiritual Twist” Janes writes funny books for women. plus other products visit This is a funny story about a farm girl milking a cow in a beauty pageant. See if she won the title!!! Humorist Jane Herlong is a funny speaker who used clean comedy and her award-winning singer. Jane Herlong is a farm girl who is a popular opening speaker, closing speaker, or after-dinner presenter. Jane Jenkins Herlong speaks for Farm Bureau, Farm Credit, Insurance groups, Women’s groups and is also a professional singer. You will love her clean humor and original Southern stories. Laugh with Jane Jenkins Herlong as she entertains with her original Southern humor, award-winning singing and stories. Jane travels throughout the country blending comic relief, Southern humor and song as a recovering Southern Belle. Jane helps people laugh, lighten up and listen. Jane is a popular convention speaker, opening speaker, general session speaker and closing convention speaker. Jane is also popular with Associations throughout the country. Jane’s humor and singing can be heard on Blue Collar Sirius XM Radio. Jane speaks for Farm Bureau, Farm Credit, churches, schools, insurance groups, Chambers of Commerce, education, child nutrition, service groups, Fair Associations, and international groups, IAAP, Electtric Co-ops, Farmer’s Co-ops, Hospitals, Rotary, Women in Business, Housing, Realtors, Bankers, Health Care, […]

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  • Amanda Lee 1 year ago

    hey its amanda from the lee family

  • st4dabeach 1 year ago

    Jane is a real person We met her at Lakewood Campground years ago and invited Her to come sing at my Father-in-law's Church Jane and Thomas came and I thought well They need a hotel room but stayed with us instead She is such a gracious person and so much fun I will never forget that sunday morning and her getting ready for Church Ya gotta love her. I figured she would be kinda uppity lol but she is just as she comes across in this video Tommy and Susan Troy NC

  • SwansonSpeaks 1 year ago

    Awesome Jane! I felt like I was right there!!! Love it!