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A case where a grower found what he thought was a k deficiency.He treated it with budboosters and upped his potassium.Then he got a nutrient toxicity so he gave me a call,i found the first runnoff at over,leached the plant until reaching just under 600ppm.update.. the sour jamaican plant is responding well now to feeding. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsA Beginners Guide: Nutrient DeficiencyHow To Use Different Hydroponic Fertilizers To Make Nutrient Rich WaterHydroponic Gardening | The Truth behind hydroponic nutrient blendsHydrophonics solution mixer or Nutrient SolutionsReplacing Vs Refilling Nutrient Water In A Recirculating Hydroponic SystemKratky Tomato Nutrient Experiment FULL Video

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  • Bobby James 11 months ago

    Man you are the answer, thanks.

  • scottydog2k1 11 months ago

    Coming up on my 1st ever harvest. Still have so much to learn but the 1st grow is going great due to helpful videos like this.

  • Sir Maxwell 11 months ago

    What was the PH of the water you flushed with? Think that might be important?

  • Brandon Funaro 11 months ago

    After how long of flushing can you re-feed the plant?

  • Baybreeder Bayarea 11 months ago

    Where is potassium deficiency you would have yellowing with brown tips.

  • Jeffrie Hamilton 11 months ago

    I tested my coco, it was at 3000ppm, forums said not to care about run off, Thank you this explains a lot, almost started adding nutrients

  • Pat Merrick 11 months ago

    Have part of a really bushy outdoor plant curling leaves up on part of the plant. Already watched over water and underwater. Plants overall really healthy. Any idea ?

  • QuebecOffroading 11 months ago

    Runoff in soil or soiless medium should be ok up to 3-3.6EC

    At 2.8 even your fine… under 2EC and your plant is starting to be starved.

    Talking about runoff…

  • Daniel Jake 11 months ago


  • Pop Digs 11 months ago

    More run off!! Never have these problems.. 40% of what you put in needs to come out

  • unpredictable129 11 months ago

    So now that you brought down the ppms are you not going to give nutrients? Or how are you going to keep it at 570 ppm without it increasing

  • ppm 500 or 700 scale?

  • Tim Page 11 months ago


  • David Wilson 11 months ago

    I get the brown on outer leaves and I get rust spots on lower leaves.did a flush before flower and 2 strains didn't like it.hella confused.where the brown outer leaves are brown.they curled down i flush.and then get brown and rust spots. boron defencity could be rust cause.rust spot are on a plant I regenerated also and not others.never had these problems in 8 yrs using earth juice fertilizers.i don't use pH meter.maybe I should.but I got things down with earth juice.

  • Super Atoms 11 months ago

    "buddys house"