Israel’s agricultural experience is unique. Despite the pervasive shortage of water, historic soil erosion and dryland conditions, a 2017 OECD report recognizes Israel’s annual growth rate in total factor productivity for agriculture as being far above the world average. Israel’s innovations in agricultural technologies and general farming acumen have already begun to show their potential to contribute to progress in improving conditions for smallholders in Africa and Asia. This report focuses on new technologies and projects that show promise for improving yields, water management and overall sustainability amongst smallholder farmers, with an eye to potential in China, India and especially in Africa.
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It is little wonder that in recent years, Israel has come to see India as a particularly important affiliate and consumer for its agrotech products. The sheer magnitude of India’s agricultural sector puts it squarely on any aspiring agrotech company’s radar screen: There are over 263 million farmers in India, with agriculture providing livelihoods to over half of all workers in what will soon be the world’s most populated country. India is already the world’s second largest producer of farm products, with annual exports of agricultural products approaching 30 billion dollars.19 In some areas such as spices and millet, India already leads the world in production and is among the top producers of wheat.
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ISRAEL – Advanced farming technologies for the future

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