For the Agroecology course, students headed to Mae Tae village, known for organic farming, forest conservation and its co-op. They learned from village leaders as well as the younger generation of farmers who are returning to the village to live sustainably.

Today we are going to school! Get your note book, because we are going to learn more about how you can grow a garden at your school! On of their amazing teachers has taken the time to organize and build an amazing garden! Students and teachers share with us how they keep the garden growing by working together!

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ISDSI Experiential Learning: Mae Ta Sustainable Agriculture

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  • Kids Exercice - Animal Workout

    Merci pour ce super reportage ! Ca fait plaisir de voir les enfants préparer le sol, creuser, planter, arroser ! Et tout cela dans la joie et la bonne humeur ah ah ah, sous l'oeil avisé du professeur qui pose les bonnes questions. Félicitations à l'équipe.

  • JDTheGuru

    The idea behind this channel is brilliant! you are doing an absolute great job here 🙂 liked it a lot for educational purposes.

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