Is Vertical Farming the High Tech Future of Food? Get Surfshark Alert at – Enter promo code MATTFERRELL for 75% off plus 3 extra months and a Surfshark VPN subscription for free! With a global population that’s expected to hit 9.7 billion by 2050 and have less arable land to grow food on, what do we do? How about putting robots, AI, and some really cool technology to work to grow food in three dimensions? Let’s take a look at the future of food and the growth of vertical farming. And a little bit of a six degrees of separation to Elon Musk.

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Is Vertical Farming the High Tech Future of Food?

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  • Christopher Gibbons

    All of the problems with vertical farmit come from the fact that it is a solution to the wrong problem. It answers the question "how can we sell people more vegetables in a sustainable way?" They should be asking " how can more vegetables be grown sustainably."

    The answer is simple. Don't sell hydroponic vegetables. Sell hydroponic systems. For a modest investment you can sustainably grow vegetables at home. No need for expensive grow lights, just stick it in a window.

  • Pero Baotić

    Greetings ! It is a good solution. The downside is alfter growing most Food in 3 d , the population growth will be troblesome. We have no control on most things related Money and things relatad to it . Those with money will get ritcher . The poor will have more troble . Sry for my poor writing skills.

  • Dan Sanger

    Another reason to develop vertical farming is because of the radicalization of rural populations, which makes it imperative for urban and suburban dwellers, for their own security, to minimize reliance on them. It also reduces the amount of money going to the radical rural population, giving them less money to spend on arms and training.

  • zodiacfml

    nope but could get lucky with a pricey crop that requires pristine conditions and demand is more than existing greenhouses can handle. all they need is stick to the plan and wait.

  • Bonnie Poole

    Aerable land can be recovered if we practice permaculture techniques. (see Paani Foudation Water Restoration on youtube. or Greening the Desert with Geoff Lawton or the Loess Plateau Restoration Profect.) The connection between the soil and human microbiomes for health are just beginning to be explored. Hydroponically grown food cannot duplicate the benefits of healthy soil any more than vitamin pills can replace food. These artificial environments are a bad idea.

  • ytrew

    I would definitely buy those since they would be much cleaner and better for quality and sustainability of the organics products, and not to mention the trust (in france there is practically no control you can't trust the farmers and the distributor). I would know were and how those plants grow.

  • Alex Lancaster

    There are many other things that we can do. One is stop tiling the farm land, grow multiple crops and livestock on said land and grow trees. Feed the ground the way the earth was supposed to. We as homeowners could grow a small amount at home just to ease the strain.
    Also let's educate ourselves away from thinking bugs are bad. Watch Kiss the Ground

  • FarmersAreCool

    Non commercial local farming. Indoor farming will only be a thing if we let these govs ruin the Climate with more aerial spraying. A lot of people are going to die of famine over the next ten years.

  • Wankel Motor

    Vertical farming makes no sense economically. It uses massive amounts of power, and it uses expensive real-estate and building materials in stead of cheap farmlands.

  • Shanbo26

    Good idea. Make the cities self-sufficient so they won't have to depend on the red states. Keep the money in their hands instead of handing it to Farmer Zeke to spend on opioids and fertilizer bombs.