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#hydroponicprofitable For Practical Training on Hydroponics and Specialised Crop wise Nutrients for Hydroponics You may contact Mr Manish on mobile no- 9198529180 For purchasing hydroponic nutrient specially designed click the link below. Is Hydroponics Profitable in India. whether hydroponic is successful and profitable in india and indian sub continent You can purchase from following link I am Amazon Associate Hydroponic nutrients NPK 4 18 38 Calcium nitrate Magnisium Sulfate(Epsum salt) Micronutrients Perlite NET SHADE Weighing Scale for measuring Nutrients pH Metre Foggers Net cups Clay pebbles Hydroponic NFT System seedling tray Coco coir Humic Acid Seaweed extract Indoor light Hydroponic related goods Grow bags mobile I use for recording Jute grow bags Sea Shell Bio Digester Fly trap sheet Soap nut Reetha Stevia plant seeds My email is you can ask question on this mail. whatsapp no- 9044776916 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics Farming Agarwal ji ke vichar बिना मिटटी की खेती Hydroponics Farming in IndiaVertical Farming के क्या है फायदे || Centre of Excellence for Vegetables कैसे पा सकते है TrainingPROFITABLE HYDROPONICS & ORGANIC FARMING IN INDIA – DON’T MISSHydroponic NFT सिस्टम सस्ते मे कैसे बनाए। Homemade cheap hydroponic NFT Systemओर्गनिक हाइड्रोपानिक सच या झूठ । Organic hydroponics a myth or realityओर्गनिक हाइड्रोपानिक सच या झूठ । Organic hydroponics a myth or reality

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  • GUIDANCE TUTORIAL 1 week ago

    Watch in 1.5x and thanks me later.

  • nandinipandaable 1 week ago

    Sir me app ko follow kr k tomato Ka ek podha se try ki ..nhi mujhe krna he

  • Prakash chamola 1 week ago

    आदणीय सरजी आप हमारे उतराखणङ पौङी गढवाल मे बहुत जमीन बंझर पङी है आप खेती से जूङे हॅ आप मुझे फोन करो नं9324458640

  • Virendra singh 1 week ago

    Respected sir ,mujhe ye btauen ki kis plant me kis nutrents ki aur kitni maatra me jarurat hoti hai

  • Shahid Alam 1 week ago

    very needed informations, subscribed

  • rajib roy 1 week ago

    Sir, yeh to artificial cultivation hai…humare hisab se!! To kya humare lya sab thik rshe ga??

  • Vikas Jain 1 week ago

    aapki smile badi khoobsorat hai

  • B. Raj 1 week ago

    Dear Mishra ji ye baat clear Nahi hue k chemical daltey Hain ya Nahi . Agar daltey Hain toh Kitna .

  • Chaitanya Kare 1 week ago

    Content was very helpful but can u pls speak faster. it gets boring after listing for some time.

  • sanjay singh 1 week ago

    Make videos on Neutrint details for different crops in hydroponic

  • Let us learn 1 week ago

    I have a hydroponic system. But I think, as In this system we have to used drinking water(RO water),is it not a disadvantage?

  • anil maurya 1 week ago

    Nice video sir, bahot kuch samagh me aa gaya, up azamgarh se anil maurya name hai mera. Sir video se jankari le raha hu. sir muje bhai karna hai…. west video sir

  • Sushanta Narzary 1 week ago

    I want to install a hydraponic farming in assam. What is the cost of the one bigha to install sir? where can i get materials sir?

  • rockzzz party 1 week ago

    profit to rah gaya

  • mayur jain 1 week ago

    Sr pani kitna lagega

  • swapon dutta 1 week ago

    Sir,a b mix or npk,magnetism, calcium kon sa best Solution?

  • Ramanand Kewat 1 week ago

    Sir kya pipe main soil darker kar sakte hai kya

  • Shikhidhwaj Singh 1 week ago

    Hello sir
    Can this method be used in peppermint farming for oil production. Since roots of peppermint plants grow a lot more densely than other plants.

  • Shivraj Raj 1 week ago

    From Shivraj Bangalore sir your teaching super Sir teaching in hydroponic methods I never forget the mylifetime sir thank u