Here are my overall thoughts on hydroponics farming/gardening. Some questions I try to answer Is it better than soil? Is it really organic? Is it healthy? Does hydroponic food contain more nutrients than food that is grown in organic soil? Science is on the fence technically when it comes to hydroponics and there is a lot of mixed information out there.

Is Hydroponics organic?

The USDA says yes. What is happening is farmers are up in arms about it because the USDA that hydroponics can technically be called organic.

The farmers freaked out because there’s no soil and hydroponic gardening actually are allowed to use permitted pesticides. So farmers are saying that it shouldn’t be able to be called USDA Organic.

We all know that the USDA can be bought off. People argue that 1) hydroponics can’t be organic and 2) that hydroponic produce is not as nutrient-dense.

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Is hydroponics better than the soil?

There are hardly any studies on nutrient density, comparing hydroponics versus soil grown produce. Tests that have been done are kind of mixed.

Do Hydroponic vegetables have nutrient deficiencies?

Some show no difference in the nutrients that they measure and then some show hydroponics having more of a specific nutrient and others show soil-grown produce having more of specific nutrients.

But, they’re only testing for specific nutrients and they’re not testing for minerals which are super important in the soil. In my opinion the further you get from like a holistic food ecosystem the worse things get.

In my video series “The Soil Will Save Us” I talked about micro Rozell fungi mycorrhizae fungi directly penetrate the roots of plants and they actually regulate the minerals that they’re giving to those plants like the nutrients they’re giving to the plants.

Is hydroponics the future?

I understand the efforts and what hydroponics are trying to accomplish, but to me, it’s going to be the same scenario as cattle feedlot. We’re going for the biggest yield possible.
Is hydroponics safe?

How can we just remove nature from the situation and just basically make a feedlot for vegetables? There’s a lot of problems when you get into that this quantity versus quality type thing or they think it’s more sustainable.

Personally, I would choose organic soil-grown produce over hydroponics 10 out of 10 times because I understand the importance of nutrient density.

Without a doubt, I would always take organic soil growing produce over hydroponic produce. That said, I’m not saying hydroponics are going to kill you.

However, I just can’t see a scenario in which it’s as nutritious as a whole food in an ecosystem in nature from like a regenerative agriculture farm.



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