The iron gate is an important part of the fence because it represents the entrance into a private property, so it is also what captures the attention of the beholder. Particular attention must be paid to the choice of the gate, as it is an element that will remain installed for many years. When you decide to orient yourself on iron, you have the possibility to choose it in ‘common’ iron or in wrought iron.

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gatesIn this case we deal with iron gates, those sold by specialized shops also for fences, which represent one of the most requested models on the market. The main feature of iron is its high resistance to any atmospheric agent and its non-deformability despite sudden changes in temperature. The iron can be forged in any way and this offers the customer the possibility to choose a gate that has any ornamental style. The gate is enhanced by the design, starting from the simplest models made through the classic iron rods, up to more complex models depicting a design chosen directly by the customer.

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Iron has only one enemy: rust. In most cases, the iron gates are treated with anti-rust substances that prevent this from forming immediately after the gate is exposed to the first rains. Although these are rather valid products, sometimes after several years the gate still requires careful maintenance so that it can preserve its original appearance unchanged over time. The products on the market for the treatment of iron are not all the same, some of them can be passed directly on the rust and cover it without having to remove it first. In other cases it is necessary to resort to the use of abrasive paper or steel brushes so that the iron is perfectly clean in order to then pass the paint. Generally the iron gate is left in the original color of the material, but alternatively it can also be painted, so as to make it take on a rather bright color.

The gates are subjected to impact tests to verify their resistance. The iron gate is damaged only in case of very violent impacts, which is why iron is also considered one of the most suitable materials for the construction of gates. Durability tests expose the gate to having to endure for many years what are bad weather, despite which it remains substantially intact. The iron gate remains installed for a long time, usually it is one of those elements of the home that is to be replaced only when there is a real need. In the event that it should report rather minor damage, you can always resort to a blacksmith who will only repair the damaged part.

Today it is very important that the gate is enhanced through a particular style that is able to distinguish the house, together with the fence itself which plays an equally important role in enriching the aesthetic appearance of the house and garden. The iron gate can be made with manual or automatic opening. In the first case it will be necessary to leave the house or the car every time to open and close it, while with automatic opening, by connecting it to an electric cable that drives a motor, the gate will open and close automatically. The customer can operate the mechanism through a convenient remote control. The automatic gate can also be opened directly from inside the house, by connecting it directly to the intercom.

The iron gate can be made both in the sliding model and in the one with hinged doors. This depends on the customer’s taste and on the space available in the place where you want to install. In any case, there is always a rather convenient solution to insert an iron gate, which in addition to its specific function, is always able to be a rather interesting decorative element to embellish the space in which it is placed. To be informed about what the costs are, you will need to go to a specialized shop to request a quote, which varies according to the model chosen and according to the size, which depends on the space you have available. The assembly operations, in most cases, are carried out by specialized workers who will also provide for testing. In some cases it may be the customer himself who installs the gate, if he has the necessary skills, thus saving on installation costs

There are few elements that can make the difference in the direction of the word, as regards the decor of your green corner. One of these is undoubtedly represented by the gates, which, being the factor that somehow welcomes all our guests, must necessarily be chosen only after careful analysis.

Moving on more specifically, we consider it very useful to dwell on the so-called iron gates, which, in our opinion, have the great merit of combining both the aesthetic component, given that they have a significant visual impact, and the functional one, considering that we are dealing with the product capable of offering the best safety standards.


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