Although plastic furniture is gaining more and more ground, iron garden tables remain among the most popular. And this is because they adapt easily to different environments and to the most varied styles. In addition, their solidity compared to other materials is undeniable. Among the many models on the market, the most clicked on the internet (and consequently the most purchased) are those in galvanized wrought iron, the important thing is that the table is treated with anti-rust material. Keeping these furnishings outdoors, in fact, exposes them to the elements and not even a valid protection (see the classic plastic cover) can protect them from damage caused by wind and above all by rain. Iron tables can of course be of any shape (and size): square, round or rectangular. Or maybe they can only have an iron base and a ceramic, marble or glass top. There are also demountable versions, very comfortable because they can be closed in the winter. It is easy to pair them with iron chairs or maybe aluminum. The support base can be a stem, a frame or simply with the feet. Its use is not limited only to the garden: an iron table is also very useful on a balcony or terrace. It will make the environment more sophisticated and give you the opportunity to host friends for outdoor dinners or brunches, or it will simply serve you to relax in the company of a good book as soon as the warm season begins. Thanks to their resistance, but in particular their aesthetics, they are also perfect for restaurants that have an outdoor space. Finally, they will give a touch of class and joy to your beach house, especially if combined with chairs with colored cushions and Vietri ceramic decorations. You can place them on the veranda or in the garden, but also indoors.

iron garden table

iron garden table Iron can be worked in many ways: on the market you will therefore find various models of tables made of wrought iron. The most beautiful are of course the handcrafted ones. Often they are characterized by the classic “curl” motif generally combined with chairs. The most sought-after have a majolica base, with floral decorations (for placing in the garden) or marine decorations (for the holiday home). For the fantasies you can indulge yourself: on the market there are both very simple models and extremely showy and colorful tables. However, it must be said that they are not very light. And consequently not practical to carry. Particularly fragile those with the glass shelf, cleaning it is undoubtedly a hassle. But there are also folding ones, perfect for solving any space problems but above all to allow you to better protect your table (if it is foldable, in fact, you will certainly be able to find it a shelter in the garage or closet). The latter model is perfect for beach holidays and even for transportation by camper.

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iron garden tableAnd now let’s move on to the painful notes: or how to always keep these tables shiny and clean, which in any case spend most of their life outdoors. Maybe suffering from the saltiness. Well, arm yourself with patience, a soft cloth (which you have not used for other purposes) and a very delicate detergent to clean the wrought iron table. Pay attention especially if it is varnished: leave it to dry in the open air and do not use aggressive detergents. For wrought iron, polishing with a little oil from time to time is also recommended.

The tables on the market today are almost all treated with anti-rust substances. However, if you own old garden tables and begin to notice the first traces of its appearance, run for cover by purchasing an ad hoc detergent which, although delicate, has a slight abrasive effect. Pass it on the table (insisting on the “legs”, especially if the structure of the same is tubular) with a dry cloth: you will have the impression of carrying out a sort of “scrub” (exfoliation) to your furniture. If, on the other hand, the rust is already very extensive, you will have to scratch it off with a specific brush and it will be a grind. After, apply a coat (or even two) of anti-rust paint and always take care to protect your table with a nice plastic sheet if you do not have the possibility to store it in a closed environment, which is still the most suitable solution.

In reality, the price of this object is the most variable you can imagine: this is because its value depends on the materials with which it could be enriched (we talked about marble or mosaics or majolica, etc.). And of course the price is closely related to its size. However, keep in mind that for a medium-sized table, made only in iron, you will hardly spend less than 250 euros, especially if you want a truly quality product. The price can rise over 800 euros depending on the measures and decorations. There are many offers and promotions on the internet, especially on Ebay. It’s worth a look if you’re aiming for savings.

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