Made with a support base on which the roof is subsequently placed, the iron canopies are available in a wide variety of models. This allows you to always find the object that best meets your needs. Available smooth or semicircular, they are perfect to be placed above a door or window, while the round model is ideal for covering terraces or gazebos in the garden. Some models can also be made with side pillars for a better placement. This variant is often used for round solutions, to be placed directly in the ground, while the smooth or semicircular version is fixed directly to the wall. All models feature exclusive decorative motifs, which allow you to take advantage of the functionality offered by the iron canopies, also increasing the aesthetic value of the property. They are available with floral, Greek, antique style motifs.

Iron shelter model

Entrance canopy The raw material is suitably treated with anti-rust substances, to ensure excellent resistance to bad weather and a long life. Iron working, due to its characteristics, is particularly ancient but always very appreciated. A material that has good resistance over time, easy processing by master craftsmen who give the iron any shape and a relatively low cost have made this metal one of the most used for the construction of garden furniture. The iron canopies are made in standard sizes, ideal in most cases, but in case of special needs or requirements it is possible to obtain iron canopies of particular sizes. Obviously in this hypothesis the purchase price will be slightly higher.

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Large iron cover Those who decide to build iron canopies in their garden in addition to the basic structure will also have to examine the choice of the relative coverage. Thanks to the wide choice offered by specialized shops, there are no limitations in the choice and it is possible to decide on the material that is most suitable for the architectural structure of the house. If the main need is a cover that can be put on and off, the choice could include the use of fabrics. This solution is often used in the case of iron canopies in the free version, that is not leaning against the wall, while in the other cases the choice is often oriented towards polycarbonate, plexiglass, glass or PVC. The only characteristic that all roofs must have in common is their weight, which must be lower than the structure.

Shelter with workings For those who wish to have original and unique iron canopies in their garden, the opportunity is offered to request their construction directly from a blacksmith. In this case it will be possible to obtain an object that perfectly responds to all requests, even if obviously its cost will be higher. In fact, the blacksmith will employ all his manual skill in processing. This choice, as well as the tastes and needs of the customer, may be dictated by the need for space: a particularly large or significantly reduced canopy could be difficult to find on the market. Since a shelter protects windows from rain and bad weather, it is often necessary to install it to preserve the beauty and functionality of doors and windows, even if the economic commitment to be faced is slightly higher.


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