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  • kelhawk1 1 year ago

    I built a version of this system using two 10 gal roughnecks crosswise on a 18 gal roughneck reservoir for veg/flower units. Also have used 3.5 gal bucket on a 5 gal. The intermittent spray time provides the magic, and I couldn't believe how my plants responded to this technique, in spite of a poor drainage issue I corrected shortly before getting busted.
    What attracted me the most was Stink has it all figured out so anyone can do it. I  liked the idea of moving stacked tubs into flower rather than pulling the net pots and root mass, so I didn't do fenceposts. Whatever they nest in, the plants LOVE getting their roots sprayed every 5 to 15 minutes. Try it!

  • JoshTheBoss 1 year ago

    Hi, on rollitup you mention "how to harvest pund every 3 weeks" and all that in 7×8' closet. How are we supposed to fit 3 systems into such a small room, and how do we deal with lights, e.g. vegging and flowering in one room. Thanks.

  • coconutjuice7777777 1 year ago

    U can combine cloning and vegging rooms. Flowering can be nearby but light must be completely sealed off.

  • Morgan Rodriguez 1 year ago

    so are you using 3 different rooms? one for cloning, vegging, and flowering?. i just bought your book and not sure im understanding. please respond thank you

  • Heero Yuy 1 year ago

    Stinkbuddy 4 LIFE!!!

  • Stink Bud 1 year ago