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Introduction to Programming concepts – Designing algorithm and flowchart prior to developing a program in C language. By Prof Wong Mu Lin Dept. of Computer Science, Garden City College, Bangalore – India Related PostsConcepts of Algorithm, Flow Chart & C ProgrammingVertical farming designs & concepts. – Energy technology investigation 2012 part 2 episode 1Building a Green Roof Part 1: IntroductionBuilding a Green Roof Part 1: IntroductionIntroduction to Tree PlantingThe one year garden design diploma from the London College of Garden Design – Course Introduction

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  • Thatdude inCrack 1 year ago

    The ink is too light :-/

  • Cat Deatherage (Tater) 1 year ago

    I can't see the notes

  • Ina Haaji Dheere 1 year ago

    please More Vedios About Algorithm, Flow chart

  • evans desantos 1 year ago

    after watching for few seconds,im in love with your lecture

  • DarcyBoii 1 year ago

    any one else thinks he looks like Harold from the movie Harold and Kumar white castle, great vid.

  • Rahul Rajpurohit 1 year ago

    prof. pls upload pseudocode….

  • zelalem lemma 1 year ago

    Thanks professor I realy like what you teach in Garden college city it is very instructive and just because of you i am a professional programmer now.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ngare Arnold 1 year ago

    reeaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyy help me out

  • Haad Kahlown 1 year ago

    excellent video , need more light and close up to the code

  • Sean Barry 1 year ago

    Lost me around step 4 in that last explanation. Can anyone help?

  • Mawuli Albert 1 year ago

    Thank you so much.
    Hope to see more on programming 

  • alvordar almoncar 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot, very great :)

  • Mustapha Lawal 1 year ago

    really great buh i cant see the note.. or is it my eyes 

  • Roma McCallum 1 year ago

    I am really learning by him he is so straight forward with his teaching.

  • BeastlyRig 1 year ago

    thanks! :D

  • Pixel Art 1 year ago

    Thanks professor. Never thought even Garden CIty College would do this.
    I am a student of Garden City College. I frequently watch MIT videos on youtube to study. But this time its you :)