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This is a short introduction to my aeroponic tower gardens in Enterprise, FL.. I have three towers on my back porch that have room for 86 plants total in a small 5’x10′ space. If you have questions, message me! I chose today to begin filming my gardens as we have had an incredibly busy month and I’ve kind of neglected my towers, so I thought that today would be a fair representation of what my gardens look like in ‘real life’! How busy were we? In the month of March, we went to a conference in South Carolina, I took my daughter to St. Louis for doctor visits, spent several days on the coast with my mom, and had two children sick with the stomach flu. We ate off our towers and I didn’t have time to do much work on my towers. As you’ll see, they still look pretty good, and they are still producing wonderful, fresh, nutrient dense veggies for my family. A little bit about myself: I live in Enterprise, FL. I’m a wife and mother of two daughters. I home school my daughters, work part time as a respiratory therapist, am active in my church, and am involved in two home school co-ops. As you can see, I’m extremely busy! I’ve had my towers since March of 2011. I absolutely love them! I’ve become a distributor of these gardens and I hope that my video inspires you to buy one for yourself. BTW, I picked the red and orange striped tomato later in the day and my husband and I ate it. I didn’t realize it was actually ripe until I looked at it a bit closer. We were amazed at the taste. Absolutely incredible! You can’t get this taste in the grocery store! I can […]

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  • Alexandra Smith 1 year ago

    Thank you for this. The Lord put on my heart to grow fruit trees in my small garden and they are going well, several types of apple and one old variety that can live easily for over one hundred years. I've only just come across this type of gardening in bottles or tubs and it looks really good as I can't dig or hoe. We studied hydroponics in high school over 40 years ago and there's a famous hydroponic place in Scotland. I keep lots of rainwater so will see how I get on.

  • M Mireles 1 year ago

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. Wondering if any one has had any luck growing with the tower garden indoors? To cold where I live to grow year round unless you can grow indoors. I have heard they are coming out with lights no what attach to the tomato cage 

  • Robin Smith 1 year ago

    Hi, I'm in Florida.  Can you tell me when you do have to stop growing lettuce due to the hot weather ?

  • Watt Waster 1 year ago

    I think I found your video about the hydroponic tower planters from the other video I had watched recently.  I am getting curious about cost.  I will have to do an internet search for this product.  I think I found it, called a "Tower Garden" and said the growing method is "Aeroponics".  Looks like what you have.  Now that I have found the patented design advert video, I should be able to find the cost details.

  • Leah Brooks 1 year ago

    Thanks! I'll look into that!

  • Leah Brooks 1 year ago

    Very little electricity! About $7-$10 a year. It's a small pond pump.

  • Linnea 1 year ago

    Your veggies look so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ken Kingsley 1 year ago

    Use some molasses and waters for pests!

  • LifeAfter40IsGood 1 year ago

    Nice video – love the pest control tip! How many towers do you have? Do they use much electricity? I have a vertical tower myself – waiting to plant in it (waiting on the base to arrive) – but its not electrical.