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Introduction to green roof stormwater Retention & Detention. In this series, you will learn the basics of green roof stormwater management. These videos are for everyone and do not require background knowledge in engineering or hydrology. We made this green roof stormwater video series with the hope that more people get access to this knowledge and understand the great potential of green roofs, not only as tools to increase urban biodiversity, cool our cities, capture pollution, & increase roof membrane life spans, but also as fully-fledged stormwater tools that generate a clear ROI in urban areas. Listen to find out how! For greener & healthier cities! If you are interested in some further reading: What is green roof retention? What is green roof detention? & What does a Detention Roof do? How can detention help to prevent combined sewer overflows? Are there different types of detention roofs and how do they function? Here is a direct link to our Green Roof Retention Modeler (free of use): Contact us if your city is not yet live! Each video is 2-6 min long and includes demonstrations to simplify green roof hydrologic concepts. Please, contact us if you have any questions: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roof Detention and Retention Research Interview with Dr. Anna Zakrisson (long)Green Roof Advantages & DisadvantagesChimney & Green Roof Work project on off-grid home in Bulgaria. Строеж комин и зелен покрив с Цеци.Maryland Farm & Harvest: Green Roof PlantsECO GREEN Roof Clean & Pressure Washing Surface Cleaner VideoSloped, Extensive Green Roof Cleans Stormwater

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