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I want to teach you how I earn k on 1/2 an acre. Register for my Profitable Urban Farming course at Curtis Stone interviews urban farmer Chris Thoreau of Vancouver Food Pedalers. Segments 1:56 – Tell us about what you do and what you grow 2:26 – How many people work at the coop? 3:06 – What is your peak season? 4:46 – What’s different about now to when you started? 8:52 – Using systems to help delegate tasks 10:40 – The challenges of indoor production 12:31 – The risks of production 13:13 – What are the risks in marketing? 15:58 – Explain the economics of this system 17:05 – How do you expand production? 18:24 – How much can this system produce weekly? 19:48 – Why grow in a shipping container opposed to a greenhouse? 21:14 – Talk about the marketability of the product 21:44 – What do you offer to other urban farmers looking to start up? Chris Thoreau’s info Email: Subscribe to Chris’ channel! Youtube channel: Blog: Web: Facebook page:  Curtis’ info Related PostsDr. Mercola Interviews Jerry Brunetti About Biological FarmingTop 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)HGTV’s Chris Lambton interview at Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival 2013Hydroponic Farming: “Get to Know” a Commercial Hydroponic FarmerColorado indoor grow lights transforms commercial agriculture growingWall Garden | Vertical Garden Installation & Operation

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  • Aquaponic Machine 1 year ago

    Excellent video thanks for this!!

  • Dee B 1 year ago

    Any more interviews like this?.

  • Stygian Doll 1 year ago

    What are you selling that nets you 700 bucks a week? I have a hard time understanding how a small living room can produce that amount, legally.

  • xz wu 1 year ago


  • Adama Tova 1 year ago

    Hydroponics or soil? That is the question……

  • Camil Turcotte 1 year ago

    Curtis I'm am aspiring farmer and I love you stuff!

  • Marcos Coutinho 1 year ago

    ok, ótimo !

  • Jeffrey Lathrom 1 year ago

    Great video. Chris made a comment about not knowing if anyone else is using containers this way. There's at least two or three companies that will design and build hydroponic units. Up here in Alaska, we have an outfit called Vertical Harvest Hydroponics.

  • Paul Nixon 1 year ago

    Could you explain how the plants get the sunlight? What material do you use to get the light to pass through from outside to the plants? And how do you spread the light across the shelves?

  • John Kochanowski 1 year ago

    This is a GREAT vid… I reference it often. Do either of you two guys know whether the soil-less growing method ("fiber mats") produces a better yield? I would like to think using a decent soil produces a much better tasting, higher yielding crop.

  • ryan arboleda 1 year ago

    Of course natural sun is better but my question is did he plan his container like that also so he can cut costs and not use electric lights..Also what is better natural sun or lights for growing faster?

  • ThLynn Nydb 1 year ago

    yes but walk ways can also be productive space if you build racks to be moved side to side there by creating the access only were it is being used that is how the orientals get more out of a smaller foot print

  • Th Linn gill 1 year ago

    question? Why so wide walk ways is that not waisted space in such a small foot print

  • Lester Hersh 1 year ago

    where do you buy your seeds

  • Burnt Eloi 1 year ago

    I would go with strip or tube LED grow lights for supplemental under the shelves. Low wattage and low cost compared to LED as primary. Something like these

  • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย 1 year ago

    Great niche!

    Is this in a container.

    I am in California and we are in drought. I am wondering if microgreens will use less water and easy to operate with less space and high return on investment. Herb like Basil will do very well year round.
    Would you go solar for lights?

  • Wahl Street Mercantile 1 year ago

    Is there a link to the online classes he hosts?

  • Asma Sales 1 year ago

    my need high organic seed

  • Asma Sales 1 year ago

    Ami akta cow farm korte chai,amake organic seed diye help kora jabe ki please