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Raw Footage from the first time these 3 ASL performers worked together and in a fun tribute to the hundreds of interpreters attending the Original CruisEUs to Alaska. Cook, Wann, and Saunders became the Interpreter’s Nightmare! For booking solo or group work – Keith Wann Known for his stand-up comedy and rapid popularity through the viral You Tube ASL video parody rendition of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” in 2006, Wann has been performing for over 20 years. As a hearing child of Deaf adults, Wann is an original breakthrough performing ASL artist and has been featured in several short films with ASL, currently stars in a popular ASL Children’s book iTunes APP, and has done several commercials for Pepsi, appeared in Law and Order, and travels all over the country performing almost every weekend. Check out his videos, over 250 on youtube, and laugh your ASL off! Wann’s title as one of the most sought after and beloved performers in the ASL community, has grown into an industry and cultural household name. Combining side splitting adult humor, with heartfelt real life stories from his Coda childhood and teenage life, has become his comedic trademark among the ASL Community. Respected in the industry as an ASL advocate, Keith has reached across the cultural divide between deaf and hearing worlds through humor, to bridge misconceptions and cultural gaps. After changing careers from interpreting to personal development, Keith and his wife Emilia joined LegalShield as independent associates and now travel all over the nation providing affordable access to the legal system and focusing on providing personal development to the ASL Community. For more information on their business check out Peter Cook Peter S. Cook is an Internationally reputed Deaf performing artist whose works incorporates American Sign Language, pantomime, storytelling, […]

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  • Beauty by Tiffany 1 year ago

    really funny guys! good job

  • Jillian Rensch 1 year ago

    It's funny, but really blurry & hard to see the signs sometimes…

  • Mealat Worku 1 year ago

    AHAHA kieth I LOVE YOU

  • Heidi Land 1 year ago

    U guys are so funny! Lol

  • soaringtractor 1 year ago

    Well good for her !!! And actually I think the cop learned a vital lesson in a subtle way, and fessed up to it like a man !! Good for him !!! BUT….he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar !!!! That was a teachable moment !!!

  • shondell hall 1 year ago

    white people are dumb

  • Charlene Carter 1 year ago

    should I call the police and have them respond to this violation of this pig parking in a no-parking spot

  • James Springer 1 year ago

    little girl don't take bribes from criminals. you had it right the first time.

  • I'm On Your Roof 1 year ago

    My friend owned a store in a strip mall and he parked his truck to load some items well after most of the other stores had closed. A police officer wrote him a ticket for parking in a fire lane, and then drove to the other side of the plaza and parked in the fire lane to go into a bakery for some coffee (and to flirt with the high school girls working the counter). We met him as he came out and asked why he was parked in a fire lane, at which he said he was allowed to park wherever he wanted during a 'traffic stop', citing the ticket he gave my friend. We continued to question him about what constitutes the end of a traffic stop, is getting coffee part of the traffic stop procedure, did he have to report the traffic stop to the girls in the bakery, etc.. We were polite about it, but when he drew out his baton and mag lite, we decided to move along as he suggested.

  • HeyItsKristen 1 year ago

    I love the thought, but ToysRus is for little kids. Nothing there for a 14 year old girl.

  • Rey Arias 1 year ago

    US Citizen should be allowed to issue tickets to cops for not following the law as well if they are not in a emergency. We should be able to check by using an app by inputting the officers badge number which will then connect to the dispatcher and confirm or deny that the officer is or was recently in a emergency. in case the officer does not give us his badge number we should be able to give the officer a ticket by using the license plate on the patrol car or take a picture of the officer and send it to the local police servers or maybe the dispatcher so they can identify him/her. What do you guys think? Good or a bad idea?

  • Lamson Nguyen 1 year ago

    Awwwwww how cute, should of pissed on his windshiled

  • Stephen Vedder 1 year ago

    Nice to see a positive side of law enforcement. really nice

  • richie649 1 year ago

    it's called damage control!

  • zee skar 1 year ago

    and this is how kids get discriminated against. hahaha "its JUST a kid". well children legally have all the same rights to protest as adults do. but laughing at ut just shows how little it matters to him. if it were an adult he would get all defensive probably

  • zee skar 1 year ago

    and this is how cops get away with things. he took advantage of a kid to get away with a crime that anyone else would be punished with severly.

  • Ethan Bourgeois 1 year ago


  • lovetocampaz 1 year ago

    laughing. what a fuckbag piece of shit. hope he dies on duty tonight like a good cop.

  • Brave Voice 1 year ago

    Cool kid and cool cop.

  • Jerry Hagan 1 year ago

    The only thing a parent needs to teach a child about about talking to a cop is DON'T!!! MOST cops are lairs, sociopaths, love brutality, think they are above the law, have NO respect for the civil and constitutional rights of citizens. NEVER TEACH a child to trust a cop. HOW does one trust a rabid psychopath dog. Perhaps this is the one different cop. Today he parked in a legal parking spot. BUT, HOW LONG will he continue to obey the law he is PAID to uphold? GOD protect us from the protectors.

  • CuddleFIsh 1 year ago

    he just wanted some pussy

  • lance basa 1 year ago

    Does it matter whether you park head in or not isnt the chance hitting something when backing up head-in higher than driving out with head -out
    because you have a better field of vision driving out with head-out but when backing up into the lot when you have a camera or mirror unless there some person not paying attention when you are as specially when you have turning lights on better. Because i parked head out and got a ticket for it

  • Nevets 1 year ago

    Every other time this happens, the cop beats the shit out of the kid and then charges them, right?