Chris Wrenn, VP of Sales in America for Aessense Corp. explains why his #aeroponic grow systems are the superior sustainable solution for indoor growing of cannabis and other crops. These systems allow higher yields and better quality without harming the land. IN a world with limited resources and a growing population that needs and deserves the best quality food available. Indoor farming can be done vertically and underground, saving land area and helping preserve the natural environment. Aeroponics provides excellent yields while achieving significant water savings. Micron-sized water droplets are targeted directly to plant root zones allowing maximum absorption and efficiency. File under: Growing cannabis, cannabusiness, #marijuanacultivation, cannabis growing systems.
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  • ChevyVoltarian

    Haven't found any info on hyperbaric aeroponic grows. I know only a little about hyperbaric chambers, but I'd think that in theory it would exponentially accelerate growth as well as produce massive yields. Just curious if y'all have ever heard of such a thing. Would adding pure O2 have positive results if say fed into the rooting area of aeroponic set ups…assuming co2 levels would be adequate outside? Thinking out loud..but curious to know!

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