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Instructions for Hydroponic kit The Pindpipe

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    Thanks Very Much!
    I had never found so much in detail product explanation. i had seen some sellers of hydroponics stuff are concentrating more on gaining the money rather than making it easy for the beginners. They are holding up events, farm visit etc etc etc but i think that all would be a useful work only after you explain them with the real small project stuff.

    For beginners this model would be very much perfect to experience and gain knowledge about hydroponics and latter one can go for full investment for commercial purposes.

    I would definitely try to bring this stuff to my work country OMAN & once i learn in deep the hydroponics NFT system, i will definitely setup in my home country india.

    For this video sound is very my terrible
    .. requesting u sir to please keep microphone nearer for clear video quality.

  • C K

    Thanks for sharing tips. I recently started my journey with pindfresh and so far successful with basil. Have just sown some lettuce rapids and waiting for them to sprout. Any suggestions to make it sprout successfully would be great. Also would request to have mic closer to you during video recording as this video sound is quite low