This video demonstrates installation of the Garden Tower 2 Watering System in an empty Garden Tower 2 (no soil). The Watering System is a highly durable, calibrated irrigation system that distributes 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute) of water through the Garden Tower off household water pressure. The system is hand-built using only 100% drinking water materials (potable, non-toxic) for healthy organic gardening.

The Garden Tower 2 Watering System can be connected to any standard hose timer or irrigation controller for operation. We highly recommend our Intelligent Moisture Sensing Irrigation Controller which automatically maintains healthy moisture levels in the tower as conditions change (such as changes in plant growth rates, temperature, wind, and sun exposure).

Most Garden Towers need to be watered with 4-8 gallons of water 2-4 times per week (depending on conditions). An example basic watering program on a digital hose timer would be 3 minutes of activation (watering) every 12 hours (morning and evening): 3(minutes) x 0.5(gallons per minute) x 2(times per day) = 3 gallons per day flowing into the Garden Tower.

The system is resistant to freeze damage, but should be drained by removing the hose for winter. Our drinking water hoses are not included in the kit (required lengths will vary by your setup), but are available to order on the website if desired.

Installing the Garden Tower 2 Watering System: Bottom-hose configuration in an empty Garden Tower

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