Installing Rare Plants On Our Indoor Living Wall | Plant It Forward

While we’re all inside for the shelter-in mandate, a goal of mine is to grow my YouTube channel. In the past, I uploaded quick videos that satisfied my IG followers, thinking it would be good enough for YouTube. Boy was I WRONG. The YouTube community wasn’t having it. I realized that YouTube followers expect better quality video, sound, and editing. So two weeks ago, I decided to take a leap of faith to upgrade my tools to create better videos for all of you. I hope you’ve noticed an improvement since and can appreciate that I’ve found the error of my ways and fixed them. If you’re enjoying the improved quality of my content please join me with a ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’. Here’s the update video of the plants we installed on our new living wall. 🌿💚🌿


We’ve recently inherited a large pothos plant from my Wifes Aunt and i figured that it would be the perfect opportunity to start a living wall! This Pothos Living Wall was a fun project so far and i can’t wait to share the updates along the way as this plant grows and spreads across the wall!


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Installing Rare Plants On Our Indoor Living Wall | Plant It Forward

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