Here I am with my little helper installing 3 16w 2D bulkheads in the garden on the wall! These light fittings were installed as emergency light fittings in a local building! But have since lived out thier useful life as that type of fitting. In my previous video I converted them from emergency lights to normal 16W 2D light fittings by remocing the back-up batteries and rewiring.

Thankyou to Teknoaxe for his royalty free music track “Northern lights”

If in any doubt contact a competant person such as an electrician and make sure this is withing your local codes/regulations depending on where you live!

Cara Membuat vertical garden di rumah

Ingin punya rumah yg sejuk dan asri.kali ini saya akan berbagi tips cara membuat vertical garden yg murah di rumah.smoga bermanfaat.
#kebunrumah #verticalgarden #rumahasri
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Installing garden wall lights

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