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Installing Drip Edge On Your Roof!

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  • sakinehbs

    Wish I could hire someone like you who loves his job with passion, I hired this guy who did horrible job on my gutter, no splash guard, no elbow spout, water dripping under neat of gutter nothing was installed right at all. Water goes right under my foundation there because he did not installed elbow spout, when I tried to get him come back to finish the job he did not answer. All I had from him was his cell phone, and his website, I called the police ,the female police felt sorry for me and found his address and talked to him, scared him a little and also told me that he has 5 different social security numbers to his name. so I reported him to BBB and called my credit card company with lots of evidence and pictures to get my money back, they refund my money but give him 30 days to dispute it and he did, then he called to negotiate ,he said he will come back but I had to pay him again. To finish what he did not do in the first place, I said ‘’no’’. ‘’you need to come back and do it right no charge because you already got paid for it’’. For now, I got credit for the amount that I paid him through my credit card but not sure what would they would do next when he tells them he tried to negotiate with me , to be honest with you i do not trust him in my property. What do you all think I should do? Any tips? How do I hire someone and don’t get cheated. Why do they always cheat the women?

  • TheMrchris1234

    thank you so much, Paul for all the awesome videos and taking time to create such videos to assist folks with doing their own home repairs. I've always done the plumbing and electrical work on my house but roofing repair is a new adventure. will definitely use your tips to assist me. I subbed your wonderful channel. Peace.

  • Jose Padilla

    Thank you for your video, I just had my roof done by Olympic Roofing in kisssimme fl, and after all the inspection was done, i know something is not right, the drip edge is not flush to the fascia, we had some wind the other day and you could hear some noise coming from the drip edge. i could take some pictues if you like and you could give me your opinion. Anyway thank you great video

  • Barb Mccann

    Can you please help?  We just had a CertainTeed roof installed and the roofer did not properly install the drip guard.  Instead of going under a decorative piece on the gable, they just cut it off!  Some  areas do not lay flat against the siding.  We called them repeated and they promised to come out and repair or replace it – but yesterday they finally called and said the two owners have parted ways and they have no one t repair it.  The good news is that we have never paid them – the bad news is we do not know who to call to get this work done!   We live in St. Charles, Mo.  Thank you for any information you can provide!

  • Temujin Khan

    Sir,Thank You Very Much! I opened YouTube and here goes your video. A customer just asked me about these a few hours ago. You have a great video. It is very simple… direct to the point. Thanks Again.