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This video details the five most common mistake when installing asphalt shingles. If you’re attempting to replace or repair your roof, make sure you don’t make these mistakes! Go now to to get the entire multi-part video series with all the information you’ll need to install a shingle roof yourself. This video series is available to stream immediately online or to purchase as a DVD. The most common mistakes include: putting the nails in the wrong place, using shingles on a flat or low slope roof, poor pipe flashing, using the incorrect overhang, and racking architectural shingles. Chris is a professional roofer from Athens, Georgia and has created to help home owners and other roofers install their roofs easily and correctly. Related Posts5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal Roofing3 Common Garden Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles True Green Roofing Reno NV CALL (775) 225-1590Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles – 5 Reasons True Green Roofing (775) 225-1590 Reno NVHow to Build a Shed – How To Install Asphalt Roofing Shingles on a Shed – Video 13 of 15ROOFING: How To Install Laminated Asphalt Shingles

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  • Blaine Bugaski 3 weeks ago

    What boggles my mind is that we have come all of this way and we still rely primarily on asphalt shingled roofs that require replacement at least every 20 years for your average residential home. Don't even get me started on commercial style torch on membrane roofs.

  • Matthew Skinner 3 weeks ago


  • Joe Sardotz 3 weeks ago

    This chump uses a curved claw hammer. Use a shinglers hatchet with an affixed gauge Skippy ! Duhhhh !

  • kentagion 3 weeks ago

    Number one problem with stalling asphalt shingles is not taking care to remove what is under them !

  • Andrew Batts 3 weeks ago

    Not to mention they can gator back

  • Chris Hollier 3 weeks ago

    He don't look like he's ever hauled any shingles up a ladder and you can shingle around sky lights if you have common sense. Once you do it the right way production is like clockwork

  • R C Thomas 3 weeks ago

    My thought exactly. You know so why don't you share.

  • Howard cv 3 weeks ago

    Why not clearly demonstrate these mistakes?

  • Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane 3 weeks ago

    These are common mistakes? Thanks for this vid to show us the real fact.

  • cptrestless Steven 3 weeks ago

    Thirty years of installing and i think you should revamp at least number 4. With proper starter installed shingles can cantilever to an inch past the drop edge because it's the same as D or A style. The application is the same to prevent capillary action. Manufactures generally say 3/8" minimum. Also your drop edge demonstration though making a point you show improper application even though you just showed drop edge. Just as 3/8 to 1 inch is variable you should express there are a few ways to apply. There are different Pipeflashing also. Over all thanks improper application has ruined our industry and made me pretty well off!!

  • Brian Spicher 3 weeks ago

    Just wasted 5mim 37 seconds of my life

  • VancouverCanucksRock 3 weeks ago

    1/2" Overhang huh? Even 3/4" is retarded! You wear speaking about rotted Fascia Boards? Oh, and where's the Wall Flashing on the Dormer?

  • Cody Lencucha 3 weeks ago

    Plus you need 6 nails minimum on architectural shingles, dumb ass

  • Cody Lencucha 3 weeks ago

    You have no wall flashing in front of your gable. You can see almost a half inch gap there for water to get in, plus you can see the nails on the shingles in front of the gable and they have no silicone on them. If you live in canada where I live, and it snows and piles up there which it always does, you are gonna have a major leak. Does anyone take pride in their work anymore?

  • Cody Lencucha 3 weeks ago

    Wouldn't want you as my roofing contractor

  • Liam Carter 3 weeks ago

    could you please tell me which camera you use ?

  • Contractor OS 3 weeks ago

    Great Video Awesome –

  • West Coast Roofer - Roofing and Roof Repair 3 weeks ago

    This is a good video showing some basic mistakes. I like it!

  • Mr. Wizeguy 3 weeks ago

    1st mistake is to use shingles that is made in US. because those are made fiberglass reinforced asphalt instead rubberized asphalt that remains flexible much more longer, doesn't tear so easily etc.

  • CWB Inc 3 weeks ago

    9 swings of the hammer to drive that nail ~ You're fired.