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A typical EASYGrid installation for a Driveway – For more information visit: The area is initially excavated before installing a geotextile layer. A graded crushed stone is then added and compacted by a heavy roller before another geotextile layer is added. The grid is then installed on top and filled with soil. The drive is then ready to hold vehicles. For more information on all our products visit: Facebook: Twitter: News Blog: Google +: Related PostsGreen Driveway – GD Grass 60-40 – Truck driving on empty grid!How To : Installing a new roof over a Very STEEP ROOF, using roof jacks and a lot of guts!Installing a VerdiRoof green roof from VerdicoGreen Roof Gardens | From the Ground UpZoo Poo on the Breaking Ground Green Roof!The Green Grid Forum 2012: Data Center Life Cycle Analysis

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