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[InsideBiz] The Emergence of Smart Farms, the Future of Agriculture!

Smart farms are increasingly taking over the agricultural sector with their implementation of ICT technology. Crops, livestock and farming overall are enjoying greater added value through their convergence with ICT technology. Smart farms employ sensors, smartphones and the internet to control temperatures and humidity, and information analysis is enhancing crop productivity. We look into how smart farms will enhance competitiveness in the agricultural sector in the future.

농업의 미래, 스마트팜이 뜬다!
최근 농업에 정보통신기술이 결합된 스마트팜이 대세다. 농업, 양식업, 축산업에 정보통신 기술을 결합해 부가가치를 높이는 신개념 기술. 스마트팜은 센서, 스마트폰, 인터넷 등을 활용해 습도, 온도 등을 제어하고 정보를 분석해 농작물의 생산성을 높이고 있다. 농업의 미래이자 경쟁력이 될 스마트팜을 만나본다.

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The future of farming is emerging in some unexpected places: a school in west Baltimore. A garage in St. Louis. A snow-covered farm in Maine.

Open Source Stories: Farming for the Future takes you to those places and shows you the people who are shaping the future of agriculture. They are teachers, students, farmers, and markers, and they’re using open tools and open approaches to challenge our ideas about where food comes from and how it grows.

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