Inside Lenny Kravitz's Brazilian Farm Compound | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Lenny Kravitz takes us on a tour of his incredible Brazilian farm compound. Built on an 18th-century coffee plantation, his home is set on a working farm that feeds every guest that comes through. Featuring a Brazilian barbecue, a full-sized football field and 19th-century Portuguese colonial-style farmhouses and outbuildings, it’s a wonder Lenny ever wants to leave home.

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Inside Lenny Kravitz’s Brazilian Farm Compound | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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Inside Lenny Kravitz's Brazilian Farm Compound | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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  • Byron

    Congratulations Lenny….wonderful place. I love nature and I've a propriety more little but similar to your in Italy. Ciao Lenny!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Garcia

    Everything about this place is soooooooo beautiful! I am very grateful that he was so open and willing to share something so personal, but, honestly??? I WOULD DIE! from the lack of social interaction. How can people live so "isolated" from the excitement of big cities??? Ugh……beautiful gardens:-) very nice retreat:-)

  • Grim Soul

    I'm watching this and I'm seeing how he's appreciating this land. And I think about our ancestors, African ancestors who ended up and South America. And how the dark skin Brazilians are isolated to the slums and the ghettos. And how they're not valued in Brazil. And here you have this man from a bi-racial Union celebrating Blackness, dark-skinned blackness in a way that is not celebrated. This is a man who truly loves being a person of color and how he values his beautiful dark-skinned mom. And the thing about architecture is that it's a beautiful art form and you love all the colors and shapes and sizes. But when it comes to human being which is the original art form. The original art piece we over complicated. We don't value it as much as we value this man's land. Who clearly values people the way he values art.

  • Calling All Hands On Deck!

    Beautiful, I love it. Could never understand why people would want to live right beside one another especially when they have the money not to. That is truly a puzzle. And, this place has no cell service. I get it. This is def one of my fav places, if not my favorite. How could 972 not like this place? Seriously, I'd like to know what they don't like.

  • Dafna Leibel

    Love him even more for this lifestyle filled with nature, love of family and appreciation of what he has….amazing humble mensch:)

  • Bruna Lack

    This farm is located in a small town right after my hometown and it is where my grandparents were born! Land there is amazing. Actually proud to see Lenny owns a historical farm there!

  • Theophilus Emmanuel

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Loved the calm, unpretentious, REAL way he talks and moves. Puts a whole new twist to "Down to earth". Bravo!

  • Simplemente Graciela

    Que cosa más preciosa!!!!
    Mi sueño!!!!
    Que lindo como habla de la mujer que le dio vida, y que la honré tanto.

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