Hillsboro, OREGON – Yerba Buena Farms is a 15,000 sq. ft. indoor marijuana/cannabis farm located just west of Portland. Starting out as a medical marijuana facility in 2015, Yerba Buena is now a leader in Oregon’s recreational cannabis market, with million in sales in 2018.

I reached out to Yerba Buena because they are specifically focused on diversity, sustainability, and compliance. They are dedicated to supporting women and minorities in the cannabis industry, paying each employee a livable wage.

Their dedication to sustainability have earned them a place in Oregon Business Magazine’s 100 Best Green Workplaces, placing 9th on the list. In addition, they were the first cultivator to receive a rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon for their sustainability and energy conservation.

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00:00 New Channel Series
00:00 Yerba Buena Farms Introduction
00:44 Genetics and Propagation
02:36 Mother Room
03:24 Vegetation
05:29 Pest Management
06:47 Water and Nutrients
08:23 Flowering
10:05 Seed-to-Sale Tracking
10:27 Drying Room
12:34 Curing Room
13:54 Processing and Packaging
15:19 Location Climate
16:18 Energy Use
17:05 Closing Statements


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Inside a Sustainable Indoor Cannabis Farm | Yerba Buena Farms: Hillsboro, Oregon

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  • Michael P

    Im just getting into sprouting my own beans well i did it a few years outdoors gonna go indoors soon slowly getting better soon enough il be the gas man-im just a big sponge i suck in grow info breeder info all info good and bad

  • Ryan L

    Think she may have slipped up when she said that trim is for extracts OaR pre rolls who tf wants to smoke trim bet that pre roll is labeled flower

  • Love Schizo Dream

    Hello , when pot is being overfertilized , lets say , its been
    fertilized daily for two months…can you still smoke it ? I dunno but
    as fertilizers contain arsenic , isnt pot like this full of arsenic then

  • Claude Glover

    I wish I could have given you 25 thumbs up, and big thanks to the folks at Yerba Buena Farms for the enlightening tour. You did a great job capturing both the information and the visual aspect, with your many closeups of the plants and the broader views of the facility.

  • Scottman895 Travel

    That was very educational. It is amazing how much goes into producing cannabis. I'm glad you were given the opportunity to tour one of the facilities! I remember passing by one in Colorado 2-3 years ago when I was last out there.

  • Travels with Yoly

    Best video ever ! At the moment my neck is knotted up from weeks of stress. We bought a new camper and shortly after discovered it had extensive water damage. This started my stress cycle. Then we finally got the manufacturer to agree to fix the camper but we had to drive 680 miles each way to take it to them. By the time I got back (we still have to go back up to pick up the camper) my neck was in extreme pain from long hours behind the wheel in very adverse conditions. My doctor has always said that I carry my stress in my neck, as many other people do. When we got back I went to see him and he gave me a couple shots of cortisone in my neck. Within a couple days, the pain had subsided about 50% but now it's starting to come back again. I'm going to try a chiropractor on Monday but I think any number of those cannabis products would have done the trick. Living in the deep south, I just don't have much hope of this kind of relief. I'm always amazed at how unenlightened our leaders are in this country.

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