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From – Urban farmer, Tamara Knott, talks about container farming. Using vertical hydroponic farming, she grows 1.5 acres of fresh vegetables inside her insulated shipping container farm, Bright Greens Canada. High-tech freight container farms like Bright Greens, near the city of Victoria, BC, can produce fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs year-round, using hydroponics and high-efficiency LED grow lights. Plants inside the large metal shipping container grow in a series of vertical towers. During the growing cycle, environmental sensors inside the farm measure the nutrient levels, temperature, humidity, air flow, and carbon dioxide levels, and send information to a controller to automatically maintain optimum growing conditions. Shipping container farms are compact, easily transported by truck or rail, and have a small footprint. This means they can fit into rural or urban settings (provided zoning laws allow). This kind of indoor container farming has wide possible uses for cold, northern areas or hot, dry desert areas, where the costs of transport for food outweigh the minimal expense of electrical energy needed to power an enclosed operation. Urban farming in containers such as these can also offer year-round access to fresh produce to restaurants and other urban food businesses. _________________________________ More about Tamara Knott and Bright Greens shipping container farm: Inside a Shipping Container Farm: Year-Round Indoor Farming at Bright Greens Canada – Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and receive our latest videos – See more videos, articles, slideshows and recipes at BC Farms & Food website – Like us on Facebook – Explore the Vancouver Island Farms & Food Map – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsI farm inside a used shipping containerShipping container house – Green roofMeet the Company Growing a Farm in a Shipping Container | FortuneTaking food to new heights: Inside a vertical […]

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