Inkscape Tutorial: Flat Vector Landscape Design

In this Inkscape tutorial, I will show you how to design a vector desert landscape design in flat style. Although the design looks complicated/complex at first glance, it is actually beginner-friendly and only requires some common tools. I will use a combination of the Bezier tool, rectangle tool, circle tool and color swatch to create this composition, which can be used as a background or as the main design for content such as posters or flyers. Visit our website for more text and video tutorials: Register for our GIMP photo editing course: Thanks to our diamond patrons for supporting us on Patreon! Ken Brewer Dilli Contradiction Thanks to the gold patrons who supported us on Patreon! BashMurals commodore256 Jamie Fraser Thank you for supporting our silver patrons on Patreon! Stephanie Paynter Thank you for supporting our Bronze Patrons on Patreon! Matt Bryan supports our channel and helps us grow by becoming a patron today-and get rich rewards: Read any of my Inkscape help articles: Make your Inkscape Canvas look like Illustrator’s artboard: Learn how you can help Inkscape Team: Download the latest version of Inkscape: Export SVG to PNG in Inkscape: Facebook: Twitter: @DaviesMediaDes Instagram: @DaviesMediaDesign #VectorDesign #VectorLandscape #FlatDesign.


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